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I live in Toronto with my partner JC, our small human, and 2 cats. I like technology, vegan food, traveling, and lots of other things. For more information about MeShell, JC, Emmie, or Marmo, visit our About page.

Remedy and La Shish

Edmonton keeps me busy. I had a wonderful run through the river valley yesterday, did a bit over 7 kilometers. I had only intended on doing 5 but it was so nice out I didn’t want to turn back. I feel oddly like a tourist in this city, everything is...

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I skipped the VOA potluck today, and spent the day with my mom instead. Happy Mothers Day! We tend to go to Europa Cafe in West Edmonton Mall for brunch on Mother’s Day, but this year we went elsewhere. Normally it’s a decent place where my mom and I can...

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Keo’s Kitchen on 2nd

A friend and I went out to Keo’s on 2nd (129 2nd Ave N, Saskatoon, SK) last weekend. I’m not sure when they opened the downtown location, but the original Keo’s location (which doesn’t exist anymore) was the first restaraunt with vegan options I ever went to in Saskatoon. So I...

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Ode to Pretzels

I love soft pretzels. Those commercially availible SuperPretzels burrowed their way into my heart when I was working at a hospital years ago and the only vegan option was either that, or some lettuce (and I’m not even kidding.) When I went to Denver for the first time in 2006...

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Samosas for lunch

Who knew, vegan samosas right in downtown Saskatoon. I went to Asian Taste restaurant (101-3rd Ave North, Saskatoon) for lunch today (and I might be updating from work, shhh, it’s a slow day) just to give it a try. I’ve walked by it over a dozen times, and every time...

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Portland February 2010

I forgot to mention going to Portland in February, since then I’ve been busy with school and work. Thankfully I have four┬áconsecutive┬ádays off, and it feels wonderful. It also occurs to me I should update my 101 in 1001 days list at some point, considering September(the end month) isn’t that...

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