I was hungry, and I found the Remedy.

I went to the VOA sponsored presentation by Brenda Davis on Thursday. I’ll admit I went there with the feeling that I would just be hearing a lot of the same old same old information. But I was genuinely impressed and greatly enjoyed the talk.

It was an amazing turn out. The lecture theater was PACKED, some people were even sitting on the stairs.

I took a few notes, but mostly just took in the information. I picked up a copy of her Becoming Raw book, because I was interested to hear more about her thoughts on enzymes and the theories behind being raw. So far it’s been educational. I admired her dedication to explaining things in a fair and scientific way.

Here are a few random things I found interesting:
– Most seaweed isn’t a good source of B12. The dehydration process converts
true b12 to analogues that can actually facilitate a deficiency because the analogue interferes with the absorption of the true B12.  If you consume dehydrated seaweed you may have a false normal reading when you get your blood tested for b12 deficiency. The normal test doesn’t distinguish
between the inactive b12 analogue and true b12.
– Special requirements for Canadians for vitamin D are higher and range between 400IU to 1000IU daily because of how little sun we get in the wintertime.
– Eating a 100% plant based diet 1 day a week reduces your carbon footprint more than eating a 100% local based diet 7 days a week.

After the talk, I got hungry and went to my new favourite evening hangout, Remedy. I love that there are vegan cakes (but they were entirely out by the time I got there), free wifi, and pumpkin spice soy lattes. I ordered a samosa just to try it, the chutney wasn’t really what I expected, but the samosa itself was great (and only 1.50.)