Guru Fine Indian Cuisine in Edmonton & Hip Hop in the Park

It’s funny how the trip to Guru Fine Indian Cuisine started. I posted a picture of my East Indian junk food snack from Blue Plate Diner on Facebook, and then a friend commented on how Edmonton lacked good Indian food when compared with Vancouver. I got my city patriotic foodie feathers ruffled a bit, and had to prove her wrong. Guru seemed like a good place to make that happen.

I was right of course, Guru (17021 100 Ave, Edmonton, AB) has great food and a great relaxed fine dining atmosphere. They seem open to modifying the dishes to suit vegans, and suggesting items. It was empty when we went in there, but it was midday Friday. When we visited on Saturday it was packed (so I’d recommend reservations on the weekend.)

Guru Edmonton Fine Dining - Spinach Chilgoza

We ordered the Guru Palak Chilgoza (minus the cream and butter) and the Guru Daal (minus the butter.) I wasn’t super enthusiastic about the Palak Chilgoza. Both my dining companion and I thought it would have been better with pretoasted pine nuts and coconut milk. However, I could not get enough of the Guru Daal. There was this satisfying quality to the dish, that lightly spicy umami combination that spreads from your mouth to the rest of your body. If you love cilantro, you’d probably love this dish too.

Another thing they had were creative little (alcoholic) drinks on the menu. Most of their martinis looked appealing, but we decided on the Coconut Kiss. Very tasty. But you might want to ask them to skip the cherry though. The red dye that those cherries isn’t actually carmine, but it’s kind of gross anyway.

Now for something unrelated… Hip Hop in the Park happened this past Saturday, and it was so much fun. I was surprised at how many people came to the event because we had slightly gloomy weather that day, but the turn out increased as the day progressed (as per usual).

My favourite thing happening besides the music was the graffiti wall. I love watching art happen, and people created some amazing images in a relatively short time span.

Grafiti Wall at Hip Hop at the Park