Famoso Pizza – Vegan options(?)

If you think I go out to eat nearly everyday… you’d be right. Since I’ve been in Edmonton for less than two weeks, seems like people want to spend time with me. It’s been really nice to hang out with my old friends (and some new ones) and check out some of the places I never got around to visiting in the past. I’m looking forward to using the VOA Vegan and Vegetarian Diner’s guide to find other hidden treasures.

A friend and I went to Famoso Pizza (11750 Jasper Ave NW) yesterday. He loves the place (and is a mostly carnivorous omnivore) but I was interested because they have a rice and oat based “Vegan-Rella” on their menu, AND they have received various awards (top pizza place in Edmonton 2008, 2009. Top Pizza in Canada, 6th place at the International Pizza Challenge in Las Vegas.) So it was time to check it out first-hand.

I liked the set up: casual, seat yourself and order at the counter. I ordered the only vegan friendly pizza on their menu (the Margherita) which has cheese, basil and olive oil with a campania tomato sauce. It was tasty, but plain. Luckily they had a container of red pepper flakes available and I doused my pizza with it. The sauce was great, and although the cheese was a bit strange (the consistancy of watery melted mozzarella), I would love to try another pizza just with more toppings. But it’s a bit pricey, especially since the “vegan-rella” adds an additional two dollars to the price of the pizza (11″ Margherita is $11 + toppings.)

Pizza from Famoso

I didn’t check if they had any sorbetto in their collection of gelatos, maybe next time.

Though now that I think of it, if you are ever in West Edmonton Mall, and hungry for a snack you can always check out Caffe Sorrentino (Phase I, Second Level) they have two sorbetto’s that are vegan (lemon and mango), and both of them are delicious.

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There is an event going on in Edmonton on Thursday via the VOA (click for more event information). Brenda Davis (a registered dietitian, authour and vegan) will be speaking at NREF 1-003 on the University of Alberta North Campus. May 13th, 7-9pm.

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  1. You know, I've tried it, and I was never all that excited about the falafel pizza they had. I started wishing I was eating a falafel in a pita with hot sauce and tahini. 😀

    • I would think that would be obvious as this is a vegan blog and I mentioned the vegan-rella. Since this post was written back in 2010 – Famoso no longer makes their own vegan cheese and instead uses daiya.