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Wandering around New York City

For the last few weeks we were in New York City, cat sitting and relaxing for a friend of a friend. The nice part about NYC is being able to get nearly anything I want, whenever I want. Maybe it’s the large population in a relatively small area, maybe it’s...

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Buffalo, NY – Amy’s Place

A couple of weeks ago we drove down to Buffalo to fly on to New York City. It made sense to do it this way because I had about 4lbs of “imperfect” Cocomels waiting for me at our American mailbox, and JC had some secret (my) birthday stuff to pick up...

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December in New York – Candle 79

After the whole engagement thing (no big deal right? I’m still eeeee-ing about it) we went back to the hotel, cracked open a bottle of champagne and started calling or emailing family members and close friends. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel appropriate to use Facebook to notify everyone of such...

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