A friend and I took a little visit to Padmanadi a few days ago. Whenever we go, we don’t mess around, and order about three dishes to share. This time was no different. We had a hard time deciding what to order, well… between three dishes as per usual. The spicy chicken, the spicy shrimp, the lemon ribs and the lo hon chow mien. The Tom Yum soup was a given of course, but part of me really wanted to try the shark fin soup again… maybe next time!


There are two dishes I love above all other’s at Padmanadi. The Lo Hon Chow Mien, and the Panacotta (made with coconut cream… yummy.) So we had to order it. The portions have decreased from the giant plate of noodles, but I feel like they’ve increased in veggies so I’m quite happy with it.


I’m always interested to see the presentation of the Panacotta, because it’s never looked the same twice. During this visit it was in a nice little dish topped with raspberry coolie with a side of peach sauce. I was happy they didn’t put sprinkles on it like last time.


I contacted Guru, a relatively new Indian restaurant in Edmonton (opened in December), to find out if there were any vegan options. They replied quite promptly to my email, and yes! There are two dishes that can easily be modified to be vegan, and one of the roti’s is vegan. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to check it out in a little while.