I am into travelling, digital communication, food justice, animal liberation, human rights, and humanizing technology. I try to find intersection points between my love of and skills in technology with causes and organizations that are important to me. Feel free to reach out, I love to help out as time allows.

When I’m not making fantastic things happen with code, I’m probably volunteering, tending to fosters with Annex Cat Rescue (and our own cats, see below), eating, taking pictures, and doing random classes on Coursera.

I’ve been vegan since the late 90’s, and it’s been an interesting and exciting journey to watch the cuisine and movement evolve.

I organize a monthly Vegan Book Club/Toronto Animal Book Club and food gathering. Please join us if you’re interested in coming to one of our meetups.

If you would like a product or cookbook review please feel free to email me.

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my partner JC, and our 3 cats – Kes,  Emmie, and Marmie.



JC is also professional nerd, and can often be found programming complicated algorithms in new and interesting languages, and defying the laws of physics, space, and time. I am quite madly in love with him (You will also frequently see him appear in Things I Love Thursday posts), and I think/know he’s rather brilliant.

JC & I got married on October 13, 2013, and the wedding was completely vegan (of course).


Emmie Cat

I love this cat. A lot.

Like I love every one of our cats, but she’s our first kitty, so I can’t deny she’s got an extra special place in my heart. Emmie has her own twitter account (@emmiecat), but she’s too busy napping to ever update. You can read her adoption story here. We’re grateful to Toronto Cat Rescue for helping us meet and adopt our little ginger sweetie.

Emmie’s favourite places to hang out are on my shoulder, any available windowsill, and the tallest cat tower she can find.

She’s also very chatty:


Kes - Former Foster... Now part of the Family.

Kes originally started out as a foster cat (with her brother Neelix), but eventually we realized we couldn’t say goodbye to this oddball tuxedo wearing kitty and she became a permanent cat at the house of JorEl (otherwise known as a Foster Fail/win). She does not have a twitter account (yet.)

Her favourite things include Emmie. And kale.

kes and emmie


marmie smaller

Marmie was only supposed to stay with us briefly, but eventually she also became a permanent resident of the JorEl house. While it may be indicative of a trend, we haven’t actually adopted all of our fosters, so there is that.

In the beginning Marmie was a feral, or semi-feral, and spent the first few years of her live outside. We’re grateful to the kind volunteers at the Toronto Feral Cat Project for her early care and their ongoing work with feral cats in Toronto. Since joining our home, Marmie has turned into a chatty, snuggly, cuddle-bug.

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