Author: MeShell

I live in northumberland with my partner JC, our small human, and 3 cats. I like books, technology, vegan food, traveling, and lots of other things. For more information about MeShell, JC, Emmie, or Marmo, visit our About page.

Midnight Potato Salad

I couldn’t get to sleep last night after sleeping for most of the afternoon (working a night shift really messes with the sleep schedule) so it seemed like the perfect time to use up a few potatoes and make a potato salad. I love potato salad because it’s one of...

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Astral Harvest 2010

I spent this past weekend at the Astral Harvest Electronic Music Festival in Driftpile, Alberta. It was a cloudy windy rainy weekend, but good music and good company made the weather easy to forget and ignore. We hadn’t planned on going to this event until the night before we left,...

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New Stuff at Padmanadi (again)

It’s been a long time since I’ve ordered something new to me at Padmanadi, but it’s been a Padmanadi couple of days, since friends have wanted to see the new location, and who better to come along than me!? The first few visits years ago consisted of ordering a new...

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Edmonton City Market

I had lofty goals to get out to the St.Albert Farmers Market this weekend, but decided that after a full 12 hour night shift, it was probably better to take it easy. So, a quick LRT ride and I was downtown bright and early, waiting for the bell to ring...

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The New Padmanadi

I visited the new location for Padmanadi in Edmonton at 10740 101 St. I envy Victoria High School (I went there, once upon a time) students because Padmanadi is now a five minute walk for lunch. The new location is unassuming from the outside, but once you walk in, it’s...

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