Happy Mother’s Day!

I skipped the VOA potluck today, and spent the day with my mom instead. Happy Mothers Day!

We tend to go to Europa Cafe in West Edmonton Mall for brunch on Mother’s Day, but this year we went elsewhere. Normally it’s a decent place where my mom and I can have a selection of cold salads, and my dad can still have his meat and cheese dishes. But I am so glad we missed it this time. We walked by, and it was heavy on the seafood, and not so heavy on the salad or the other normally vegan friendly options.

We have an old standby at West Edmonton Mall… Boston Pizza. Now, I know I’ve mentioned the Californian before, and I’m sure I’ll do it again. “Back when I was young, there was a vegan pizza right on the menu…” Alright, I’m done being nostalgic. But there was actually a vegan pizza on the menu at BP’s a few years ago. They took it off the menu when they changed their menu because they said demand wasn’t high enough, but I sincerely wonder what the demand would be now if they offered it. So many people are switching to soy, cutting out dairy, and/or trying to live healthier lifestyles. We ordered (shockingly!) the Vegetarian without the mozzarella, and… it tasted like pizza. Give it a try sometime, you might even be pleasantly surprised.


Looking at the rest of the menu I was disappointed. There aren’t any sauces (other than the pizza sauce) without cheese in them, I’m not sure why they took marinara sauce off of their menu, but it’s really unfortunate.

Had a great day with Mom though, and that’s all that matters.

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