Padmanadi and Remedy in Edmonton

Another great food day in Edmonton. A friend and I went to Padmanadi (10626 97 St NW.) I had an unusual urge to go there. It probably had something to do with thinking about the Mother’s Day buffet (which I am NOT going to today.)

Tom Yum Soup from Padmanadi

We ordered a few things I haven’t had in a long time: the curry chicken, roti canai, and my favourite, the Tom Yum soup. My dining companion suggested adding coconut milk to the Tom Yum soup and I was pleasantly surprised by the flavour. He said it was similar to a thai soup called tom kai gai. Basically in my general opinion, you can’t go wrong with coconut milk. I’ve never added it to something and said to myself “Oh, I wish I hadn’t done that.” It’s just that good.

Admittedly every time I go to Padmanadi, I compare it to it’s first or second year of operation and am disappointed. Once upon a time the tom yum soup was in a ridiculously large pot, with fake shrimp, and other bits of fake seafood. But I’m working on forgetting about it, because it’s still a great place to go, especially if you don’t know any different (and even if you do.)


We had a super weird looking panacotta, but it was also pretty fantastic. It’s worth trying at least once (a visit.)

Lavender Cheesecake from Remedy Edmonton

Later we dropped by Remedy (8631 109 Street NW) for a late night snack. I haven’t had a great experience with their vegan cakes in the past, but I wiped the slate clean, and I’m happy I gave it another try. We had a lavender cheesecake, and it was delicious. There is something deeply ingrained in my mind connecting lavender with soap, so the first few bites were a strange experience. But it was one of those perfect vegan cheesecakes that holds its form until after you put it in your mouth, the moment it touches your tongue it melts.


My friend also brought me some flat bread covered with zahtarr, a delicious spice blend I’ve only had on hummus before. I ate it for breakfast this morning and it was wonderful. I don’t know the exact combination of spices, but the zahtarr I had had sumac, seasame seeds, salt, olive oil and thyme. It was sweet, sour, and had this certain hearty satisfying quality about it.
Now to decide what to bring to the VOA potluck on Sunday…