Weekend in Detroit

I’ve needed to get out of town. Somewhere new(ish). Somewhere interesting. But still something close enough to drive to on the weekend. So we decided to visit Detroit last weekend. When we left Toronto it was windy and rainy, as we continued on the highway it got worse and worse. Visibility was low, you could see […]

Weekend In Detroit – Detroit Vegan Soul

After a few hours in London, JC and I kept driving south to Detroit. A brief boarder crossing experience later and we were in the city again. I like Detroit, and I think it’s because it feels like it’s building itself up again, a movement of people trying to grow where they’ve been planted. With all […]

Detroit Wrap Up – Avalon Bakery, Inn Season Cafe, and Whole Foods extravaganza

On Sunday Morning we woke up too early and started our day as early as possible. I had wanted to catch Vegan Brunch, but it just wasn’t possible. So instead we found Avalon Bakery on the interwebs, and drove over. It was totally full of people, but the service was quick and friendly. I overheard […]

Detroit Visit – Day 0.5 – Dinner and a Casino.

We’re back in Toronto again, but had a great time in Detroit and the surrounding area. I wouldn’t mind visiting again sometime. After we had arrived, checked in, and got comfy in our hotel room, I scanned the internet for a suitable eatery – Seva jumped out at me. Seva has two locations, one in […]

On the road to Detroit – First stop – Veg Out in London, ON

After a very long drive into Detroit, we made it in at around 5pm yesterday. Of course, we stopped in London to eat and buy a GPS to avoid getting lost. Before yesterday I hadn’t ever been to London (Ontario that is), but since we were going to need a lunch stop, and there are […]

Joe Yee Vegetarian Sushi and we`re driving to Detroit.

This Thursday was one of my favourite Thursdays in a while because it also happened to be Date Night. Which also sounds silly, because JC and I do things on days other than date night, but set aside (usually Tuesday) to plan on doing something together. Since this week’s Tuesday was filled up by my […]