Vegan in Vegas – Wynn’s Terrace Point Cafe

The Terrace Point Cafe was one of the places we had wanted to check out on our last visit to Las Vegas, after reading about it on Epicurious Vegan but it wasn’t open, since it is mostly outdoors, and it was chilly in December. This time, the weather was perfect bordering on the usual` Las […]

Vegan in Vegas: Wazuzu at The Wynn

We followed up our helicopter tour with a visit to the Wynn’s Wazuzu on a spur of the moment decision to have the coach bus take us to the Wynn instead of back off strip to the Rio (where we were all staying for Defcon). Wazuzu will live on in my mind as the first “secret vegan menu” […]

Las Vegas: Helicopter Tour to the Grand Canyon

I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon before this trip, and I still don’t really feel as though I have seen enough of it. It’s this amazing span of nearly otherworldly rock and land that I’ve really only gotten to see a sliver of, and the experience of seeing it from above is nearly indescribable (which […]

Vegan Pizza in Las Vegas – Pop Up Pizza at the Plaza Hotel & Casino

One of the first new-to-me places we visited on our last visit to Las Vegas was Pop Up Pizza. JC found it looking for vegan pizza options in Las Vegas, and stumbling on this Eating Vegan in Vegas page. It’s inside the Plaza Hotel & Casino. At first it just looks like one of those […]

Vegan in Vegas. Day one. Where We Nerd and Food.

We’re actually visiting New York right now, but we’re not on vacation mode and we’re taking time to relax a bit more. Those moments seem like a good time to talk about our recent trip to Las Vegas. Especially after I’ve had a bit of time to digest it all. One of my favourite parts […]

Las Vegas – Komol Restaurant – Vegan friendly thai cuisine (Throwback Tuesday)

It’s been a long and lovely trip of reminiscences, but as of this post, my throwback tuesday Las Vegas posts are over. Our final restaurant visit before going back home to Toronto was Komol. I’ve been to Komol on every Las Vegas visit since the beginning of my Vegas adventures. It’s one of the original […]

Las Vegas – Throwback Tuesday – Vegan eating at Sinatra

Sinatra was our extra special night out for New Year’s Eve. It’s (of course) a Frank Sinatra themed restaurant in the Encore Tower in Las Vegas, and once you walk in you just might get the vibe you’ve travelled through time to years gone by. Frank Sinatra music plays en loop, you will get people demonstrate the […]

Las Vegas – Two different vegan pizza experiences. CPK vs A Slice of Vegas – Throwback Tuesday

One thing that our trip to Las Vegas taught me was that all pizzas are not the same. People have been telling me this for years, but since I don’t think I ever had a particularly terrible pizza so I didn’t really get it. As far as I was concerned, the formula is pretty much […]