Coffee in Winnipeg – Coffee Monday.

Coffee and hangout space was pretty important to JC and I in general, and especially during our travel time. It’s just really nice to find places outside of our tent, hotel, airbnb, or where ever we are to just spend some time together, use the WiFi, and drink some really fantastic coffee. When Fall rolls around, […]

Coffee Monday – Roadtrip Coffee Round Up

And now for something completely different. We’ve been travelling for a little over two weeks. I miss my kitties, but have full faith in the wonderful people taking care of them.On the road from Toronto to where we are now we’ve stopped in to a few different coffee shops all over the US & Canada, […]

Coffee Monday – Ethical Bean – Fairtrade Supermarket Options

First of all, if you’ve got an Indie Coffee Passport you still have until April 30th 2014 to use it. I’m especially happy to confirm this because we haven’t been out to a cafe this month (okay, I went to The Abbot alone, but I’m not sure that counts.) With our trip to California, and […]

CSI Coffee Pub – Coffee Monday – Another Indie Coffee Passport stop

This weekend and last weekend, JC & I went to the CSI Coffee Pub. The first time we weren’t armed with our Indie Coffee Passports (I should really just keep that in my purse…), but we were in the neighbourhood because of the APieCalypse Now! Grand Opening and it seemed like a good spot to […]

BIVY – Indie Coffee Passport 2013 – Coffee Monday

We went into BIVY on Sunday this weekend. It’s one of the cafes on this session of the Indie Coffee passport. It’s another one of those spots that has only been open for less than three years. They opened in mid-July 2012 in the Brockton Triangle/Brockton Village area. They do food, coffee, and weekend brunch. […]

i deal coffee on Sorauren – Indie Coffee Passport Stop – Coffee Monday

We’ve been working our way through the Indie Coffee Passport but I’ve only gone back to one of the spots repeatedly, and it’s this one. Of course – it’s also somewhat in my neighbourhood so that helps. i deal coffee on Sorauren Ave was once called Balluchon. Now, It’s basically the same place, but better. Overall, […]