The Brockton Haunt – Indie Coffee Passport 2013

JC and I have been spending at least one day on the weekend checking out a couple of coffee spots around the city. A few weekends ago we were exploring the Brockton area, and finally landed in The Brockton Haunt.

Brockton Haunt

It’s a nice warm & bright spot in the Brockton neighbourhood, service is nice, quick, and friendly. It immediately felt like that comfortable coffee shop you’ve been going to for years. The baristas were both welcoming, and happily took our Indie Coffee Passports.

Once we went in, it was full of people, there was one table at the very back & up a few steps that would fit around 6 people or 8 friends. There is bar seating at the very front, about 5 stools, and a couple of tables near the doors.

Brockton Haunt Board

They brew the now familiar Pilot’s “Big Brother” beans on a Nuova Simonelli machine, and have a variety of baked goods – none of which were vegan at the time we went in. They also have cold drinks, and variety of flavour syrups available.

What’s on offer with the Indie Coffee Passport

Brockton Haunt Indie Coffee Passport1. Americano
2. Espresso
3. Macchiato
4. Misto Americano
5. Cappuccino
6. Tea

brockton Haunt capp

We both ordered the cappuccino, which had a nice soft foam, made with So Nice Barista Blend soymilk on the day we went in, and the usual delicious flavour of a Pilot coffee roast. We drank it happily, and also took advantage of their free wi-fi for about an hour.

It was interesting to see the flow of regulars and newbies coming in as we sat near the cash. It’s always a nice to see a place where people keep coming back for more, and I can see why.

Some accessibility notes

I didn’t really take many notes on this, but here are a few:

  • There is a step to get in, but I didn’t see a ramp available to get in.
  • Restrooms are in the basement, down a fairly narrow staircase.

The Brockton Haunt

Indie Coffee Passport Meets Vegan Eats in Toronto - Brockton Haunt

1150 College St, Toronto, ON
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