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We’ve been working our way through the Indie Coffee Passport but I’ve only gone back to one of the spots repeatedly, and it’s this one. Of course – it’s also somewhat in my neighbourhood so that helps. i deal coffee on Sorauren Ave was once called Balluchon. Now, It’s basically the same place, but better. Overall, I like the atmosphere, I like the staff, and I feel comfortable sitting around for an hour or so with my coffee or tea, or muffin, or whatever.

I deal coffee

It’s off the beaten (walking) track, but there are usually a couple people sitting inside, and a few people coming in and picking up coffee or bread to go.

The staff is friendly. Service has been nice every time I’ve gone in. Every one of the folks that works there seems to be decent, knows how to make a coffee, and i deal coffee seems to have a really good team going on.

I guess that’s why I keep going back for more.

I deal coffee

221 Sorauren Ave is also home to Prairie Boy Bakery, so there are almost always fresh loaves of bread available. All prepared sandwiches I’ve seen when I’ve walked in have had cheese or meat on them, but vegan baked goods (cookies or muffins) are usually available.

i deal coffee

They have a variety of loose-leaf teas and coffees, both in bean form and immediately drinkable. They also have soy and almond milk at no extra charge if you are anything like me, and want your coffee a tiny bit fancy every once and while.

i deal coffee

Another reason why I keep going back – it’s conveniently located near the Sorauren Park Farmers’ Market, which I try to visit every Monday.

Anyway, for the Indie Coffee Passport they have the following drinks on offer:

I deal coffee


I love how every i deal coffee location has consistent coffee, but a unique feel. The one on Sorauren has blended with the Roncy environment quite nicely, and has got me walking past the Roncesvalles coffee shops even when I’m not visiting the Farmers’ Market.

Other things to know: They’re no longer cash only. Debit (for transactions $4+) Oh, and I’ve got to mention this. There is one counter person that has an amazing singing voice (that vocal range, whoa.) As someone that usually hates listening to people sing in public, she is a definite exception to that. I bet you’ll dig it too.

Have you visited the new i deal coffee? What did you think?

i deal coffee

221 Sorauren Ave, Toronto, ON
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2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a lovely place to drink proper coffee…and haha on the counter staff with the singing voice, that is lovely to hear people sing in public!

    • I just love this spot. I have about 10-15 more indie coffee spots to try on the passport, but I keep coming back to this one!

      I really don’t like listening to people sing in public normally, but she’s just really really good. 🙂