Coffee Monday – Roadtrip Coffee Round Up

And now for something completely different.

We’ve been travelling for a little over two weeks. I miss my kitties, but have full faith in the wonderful people taking care of them.On the road from Toronto to where we are now we’ve stopped in to a few different coffee shops all over the US & Canada, mostly Canada really, but it’s been kind of cool to see the different styles and takes on coffee culture in various cities, states, and provinces.

It’s often a great source of relaxation, a place to go for a few hours, a refuge from mosquitoes (I’m looking at you Manitoba), and as a spot for wifi and/or power outlets.

So Far

  • Coffee Culture, Sarnia, ON – free wifi, a few outlets, decent coffee, lots of seating.
  • Gaslight Coffee Roasters, Chicago, IL – outlets, wifi, fantastic coffee, roasted on site, charge for dairy alternatives.
  • Ipsento Coffee, Chicago, IL – fantastic coffee.
  • Thom Bargan, Winnipeg, MB – fantastic coffee, lots of outlets, wifi, charge for dairy alternatives.
  • Make Coffee & Stuff, Winnipeg, MB – cheapest chemex coffee in Winnipeg. outlets, wifi.
  • Siesta Cafe, Riding Mountain National Park, MB – lots of outlets, free wifi.
  • Broadway Roastery, Saskatoon, SK – in house roasting, nice coffee, free wifi, lots of outlets.
  • Noir Espresso, Saskatoon, SK – no outlets, charge for dairy alternatives, okay coffee.
  • Honeybun Cafe, Saskatoon, SK – no outlets, charge for dairy alternatives, okay coffee, occasionally have vegan stuffed buns (that happen to be delicious)
  • Museo Coffee, Saskatoon, SK – great coffee. In house coffee roasting.
  • Moka Coffee Bar, Saskatoon, SK – okay coffee, we took it with us on the road out of town.
  • Credo Coffee, Edmonton, AB – great coffee, charge for dairy alternatives, free wifi, outlets. Had a vegan muffin baked onsite on the day I went in.

3 Responses

  1. Next time you’re driving through Sarnia, you may want to check out Blackwater (on Christina Street, one street north of the waterfront Coffee Culture) or the Coffee Lodge, a Sarnia coffee chain (the most accessible location is on the corner of Exmouth and Capel, beside a Mac’s Milk). Highly recommend both!

    • Ah! It’s funny you should mention Blackwater, the only reason we went to Coffee Culture was because it was the only coffee shop near the boarder that was open the Sunday we were there! We drove in, planning on visiting Blackwater because it looked pretty cool, but it was closed. 😀 We’ll have to try it out, possibly on the way back.

  2. I’d be interested in reading what you think. It’s been a while since I’ve been there, and I wonder whether or not it’s as good as I remember.