CSI Coffee Pub – Coffee Monday – Another Indie Coffee Passport stop

This weekend and last weekend, JC & I went to the CSI Coffee Pub. The first time we weren’t armed with our Indie Coffee Passports (I should really just keep that in my purse…), but we were in the neighbourhood because of the APieCalypse Now! Grand Opening and it seemed like a good spot to meet up.

The Coffee Pub was on our radar almost entirely because of the ICP & I can see this spot turning into a semi-regular hangout. There is ample seating, it’s warm, inviting, and the baristas are friendly. (Also, as an added bonus, there is wifi, and workspace – both for individuals and groups.)

I think I’ve been in this space before, but for a python class with Ladies Learning Code, or helping to photograph one of the LLC sessions some time in the last few years. It might also just be that it feels very CSI (Centre for Social Innovation.) People with computers, people with ideas, it was quiet every time I’ve gone in, but it still seems to be full of energy.

They brew coffee from the Fresh Coffee Network, and on the days I went in were using So Nice soy milk (and they also have almond milk). There is no extra charge for dairy alternative.

What’s on offer?

CSI Coffee Pub, Indie Coffee Passport Offerings - 1. Tea 2. Espresso 3. Cortado 4. Americano 5. Cappuccino 6. Immersion Coffee

The first visit, I just got a soy latte (no indie coffee passport means anything goes). And it came in a giant mug. This weekend, JC & I shared a cortado and a cappuccino.

Soy Latte CSI   Cortado - CSI Coffee Pub - Indie Coffee Passport  capucchino from CSI Coffee Pub 

A cortado (because I had to remind myself before ordering) is an espresso cut with a small amount of warm milk. The ratio of milk to coffee is between 1:1 and 1:2, and the milk is added on top of the espresso. The flavour was strong, but not bitter, and with a double shot of espresso, a really nice quantity of coffee.

Cappuccino had a great foam, and through this coffee passport adventure I’ve noticed that So Nice soymilk and Silk seem to froth better than many of the other options – even when they’re not special “barista” blends. (Anyone have any thoughts on this?)

What about the food?

what to eat while youre by CSIThe cafe offers a variety of food stuffs. They have vegan soup. On the days I came in, there were no vegan treats or sandwiches ready, but we went in quite late. I like that one of their aims is to support local farmers, roasters, and creators. I’m not a fan of the OMG Baked Goods on offer, but hopefully CSI will connect with some of the more awesome bakeries in the Annex.

Conveniently, APieCalypse Now Vegan Bakery is just around the corner on Markham street. If I could get a hot coffee and a tasty treat from APieCalypse in the same place, that would be my dream, but for now, I’ll make the walk back and forth with minimal grumbles. Winter hours at Apiecalypse are just Thursday through Saturday hours at the moment.

There is also the Kensington Natural Bakery, and one my my favourite food spots in The Annex for lunch and dinner – One Love Vegetarian.

Click the map image for more vegan eats paired up with indie coffee passport stops or check out my list over here.

CSI Coffee Pub

720 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON (map)
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  1. I’m surprised the non-barista blends steam up well. Although it could be the sugar, if they’re the sweetened kinds? Don’t quote me on it.. I could be making that up entirely. It may also be the level of gums (xanthan, carageenan). I really dislike drinking coffee made with Silk soy milk 😐