Las Vegas – Ronald’s Donuts

After we mostly enjoyed brunch at Tableau and spent an hour or so laughing at (and playing) slot machines, we opted to walk over to Ronald’s’ Donuts before they closed (at 4pm.) It’s not close, it’s around 3 miles away from the Encore towers, but it was a reasonably nice day, albeit windy, so it was a good opportunity for a very long walk – especially considering it was real winter in Toronto at the same time. I’ve been to Ronald’s a few times already, but it’s still pretty exciting to have a vegan donut option that’s truly similar to vegan Tim Horton’s experience. P.S. Not all of the donuts are vegan, it’s usually the top two rows, but asking doesn’t hurt!

Ronalds Donut Box

There were already a couple of other vegan-tourists in the shop when we got there shortly before closing excitedly looking at the variety of vegan donuts in the two big display cases. We ordered a dozen (…to take with us) but ate two inside.

Ronalds Donuts

Delicious looking as usual!

Ronald’s Donuts
4600 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV

IMPORTANT: Here are their hours (subject to change… but they haven’t changed in a while)
Mon-Fri 4 am – 4 pm
Sat 5 am – 4 pm
Sun 5 am – 2 pm

So where are we on Throwback Tuesday so far?

We’ve travelled through time and space, from San Francisco, to Las Vegas.
– Millennium – Happy birthday to me!
– St. Francis Fountain – Brunch of Champions
– Souley Vegan – Amazing vegan Soul Food in Oakland
– Herbivore – Brunch of okay.
– Gracias Madre – Delicious food with a side of sexism.
– Another visit to Souley Vegan and a quick run to Cinnaholic.
– First Night in Vegas – Living it up with vegan room service.
Brunch at Tableau

What else is there? So much more.

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