March Vegan Food Swap – Thanks Maggie!

One of my favourite moments in the month is when I get a package from some mysterious internet semi-stranger and it’s filled with vegan goodies. This month was no exception. It looks like the package had an interesting journey, but the contents arrived unscathed.

Vegan Food Swap packageThe package was full of wonderful things like snacks, pasta, and tea, and a nice hand written card.

All the stuff from vegan food swap fun

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve got a bit of a Zevia Cola habit. Unforunately, it’s become quite apparent that everyone else in this part of the city also has a bit of a Zevia Cola habit – I can never seem to get a six pack at my nearby grocery store. I like it because it’s sugar-free, but also not sweetened with anything other than stevia. I haven’t found any in a few weeks, so when this arrived… it was really exciting (and I drank it promptly.)

During a previous swap with Sarina of Earthgiven Kitchen I’d received King Soba noodles, but this time, I received King Soba’s Sweet Potato & Buckwheat. I haven’t tried them yet.

Sweet Potato and Buckwheat Noodles


One new-to-me item in this food swap were these Everything flavoured Pretzel Crisps. They are baked, flattened salty pretzel like snacks with a multitude of flavours

Pretzel Crisps

She also included some yummy teas and a mix of nuts, cocoa nibs, and seeds (which we are eating right now,)

Thanks Maggie! And hope everyone else had a great swap too!

In case you haven’t done so yet, you can sign up for April’s Vegan Food Swap until April 5, 2013.

Click here to sign up for the Vegan Food Swap

How It Works:

1. Sign up by clicking on the sign up link on this page. Please remember that this is for Canadian Residents only.
2. On/around the 7th of the month, you’ll receive an e-mail from me containing the name and e-mail address of your Vegan Food Swap match. You’ll need to contact them to get their mailing address and any food specifics (allergies, gluten-free, etc.)
3. Collect items that you’ve purchased or made and box them up. Let’s keep the spending limit under $15 Canadian. This does not include shipping. Look into flat rate shipping options or let me know if you want someone closer to your area and I will try to accommodate.
4. Please include a written or typed note in your package.
5. By the 15th of the month, ship your package to your Vegan Food Swap match.
6. Please let your partner know you received the package.
7. Around the end of the month, post an entry on your blog about what you received, and be sure to include a shout-out (and a link back) to the person who sent you the box! Please also include a link to the sign up page!
8. This is a vegan food swap. Please read labels, please be considerate – do not send milk, meat, eggs, honey, wool, silk, leather, or other animal ingredients to your swap buddy. There are lots of other food swaps out there, this is meant as a vegan scavenger hunt. Find cool vegan things and share them with someone else (and all of us!)
9. Get creative. Cliff bars, fruit bars, and the like are cool and all, but no matter where you live there are lots of accidentally vegan, homemade, and other interesting local things you can send to your partner. Let me know if you need ideas.

Opting Out:
I’ll assume you want to participate every month, but expect an email around the beginning of the month to confirm. Please reply to this email! If you wish to opt-out for a month, or stop participating entirely, just send me an email I’m adaptable.

Each participant is responsible for actually participating, unless you’ve opted out. If you fail to receive a box, please don’t be mad, but please let me know and email your partner.