Ronald’s Donuts – Vegan Donuts in Las Vegas

Well, yesterday was the day I finally went over to Ronald’s Donuts after being in Las Vegas for nearly a week. There is one main thing I love about the place; it’s totally normal. It’s just a random coffee shop, that just happens to have vegan donuts. Vegans and non-vegans alike happily munch on them. It shows how good vegan baking can be, and how unnecessary certain ingredients are. It’s been voted the best donut shop in Vegas, with no qualifiers. And in case you are wondering are these donuts too good to be true, like I was, check out the Quarrygirl blog post about the lab tests commissioned by Ray Ortega from Sun Flower Baking California. (in short… they really don’t have eggs in them.)

Ronald's Donuts
Shortly after I got there (on the 203 bus from the Strip, by the way. Those instructions actually worked!) a couple from Germany walked in and asked “Are all these donuts vegan?” then two tattooed girls from the Rollercon walked in and said, “Which are your vegan donuts?” While sitting across from me were three seniors, drinking coffee and chatting. Such a interesting mix of people in one place. In case you’re wondering, it’s usually the top two rows that are vegan.

Just FYI, this is even tastier than it looks

It is SUPER easy to get to from the strip, but I missed my stop and ended up walking three blocks mid-afternoon, which I don’t recommend on a 104 degree day (okay so it was 40C, but 104 sounds so much more impressively hot.) So in short, if you are on a bus in a strange place… pay attention to where it’s going!

Today also took a trip up to the top of the Stratosphere, and the Big Shot. I was going to jump off of it, but once I got up there, I didn’t feel excited or nervous or anything about it. It’s a controlled free fall, one drop down and the end. I want more! But the Big Shot was fun, it didn’t last very long but I had a great time while it was going. What an amazing view of Vegas.

View from up high

Until next year… bye Vegas!

Ronald’s Donuts
4600 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 873-1032

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