Vegan Pizza in Las Vegas – Pop Up Pizza at the Plaza Hotel & Casino

One of the first new-to-me places we visited on our last visit to Las Vegas was Pop Up Pizza. JC found it looking for vegan pizza options in Las Vegas, and stumbling on this Eating Vegan in Vegas page. It’s inside the Plaza Hotel & Casino. At first it just looks like one of those […]

Vegan in Vegas. Day one. Where We Nerd and Food.

We’re actually visiting New York right now, but we’re not on vacation mode and we’re taking time to relax a bit more. Those moments seem like a good time to talk about our recent trip to Las Vegas. Especially after I’ve had a bit of time to digest it all. One of my favourite parts […]

Las Vegas – Komol Restaurant – Vegan friendly thai cuisine (Throwback Tuesday)

It’s been a long and lovely trip of reminiscences, but as of this post, my throwback tuesday Las Vegas posts are over. Our final restaurant visit before going back home to Toronto was Komol. I’ve been to Komol on every Las Vegas visit since the beginning of my Vegas adventures. It’s one of the original […]

Las Vegas – Ronald’s Donuts

After we mostly enjoyed brunch at Tableau and spent an hour or so laughing at (and playing) slot machines, we opted to walk over to Ronald’s’ Donuts before they closed (at 4pm.) It’s not close, it’s around 3 miles away from the Encore towers, but it was a reasonably nice day, albeit windy, so it was […]

Hello Las Vegas – Encore Hotel Vegan Room Service

Our trip from San Francisco on Virgin America was uneventful and quick. Every trip out of Vegas comes with a free pat down (for us, since we always opt-out) but it’s gotten pretty routine at this point. From the moment we got out of the plane, it was a non-stop cacophony of gambling and lights […]

Ronald’s Donuts – Vegan Donuts in Las Vegas

Well, yesterday was the day I finally went over to Ronald’s Donuts after being in Las Vegas for nearly a week. There is one main thing I love about the place; it’s totally normal. It’s just a random coffee shop, that just happens to have vegan donuts. Vegans and non-vegans alike happily munch on them. […]