Las Vegas – Breakfast at Tableau

In another edition of throwback Tuesday, I attempt to recap the food and fun we had in San Francisco and Las Vegas in December 2012 /January 2013.

Our first morning in Vegas and JC had made brunch reservations at Tableau. Tableau is one of the Wynn restaurants, right near the lobby of the original Wynn Towers. We were seated in a beautiful sunny room with big windows and a view of the pool. Our hostess wasn’t selling the vegan menu very well to anyone and was noticeably surprised when we wanted two, but our server was awesome as soon as she appeared.

Friendly, professional service, attentive when needed, and delightfully absent when we didn’t. We both started with vegan ceasars, coffee, and grapefruit juice. Let me tell you something – grapefruit juice in Vegas is not as awesome as grapefruit juice in San Francisco, but they make a mean ceaser.

the Vegan Menu at Tableau

After looking over the menu, JC and I both ordered the “Eggs” Benedict with “Hollandaise” sauce. Tofu Scramble, with a yellow tomato hollandaise sauce, gardien breakfast patty on an English muffin, and shared some potatoes.

"Eggs" Benedict with "Hollandaise" sauce.

Everyone has their own spin on vegan “eggs” benedict, but I wasn’t blown away by the one at Tableau. It was pretty, but was missing something – I added salt.

We spent the rest of the morning wandering around, and ended up getting a pair of Encore Red Cards with our names on them.

Encore Red Card.

Walking around in Vegas, and interacting with was a little weird, because everyone assumed JC & I were either married or that I took his last name. I don’t plan on changing my name when we do get married in the fall, so the assumption kind of bothered me. But I imagine the people that care about looking married and taking their partners last name would probably be more annoyed than I was

There are truly a myriad of nonsense slot machines, and we definitely played into a few of them – Ghostbusters, Princess bride, and Lord of the rings are just a few of the themed machines they had in Las Vegas. But I’m sure they are cooking up more nutty ones next year – I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a 50 Shades of Grey one in the works.

Gamblotrons Gamblotrons Gamblotrons

As unusual as it is (not unusual), we did do more than gambling. Next on our agenda was a very long walk to a very special donut shop.

Up until this point the Birthday trip had included:
– Millennium – Happy birthday to me!
– St. Francis Fountain – Brunch of Champions
– Souley Vegan – Amazing vegan Soul Food in Oakland
– Herbivore – Brunch of okay.
– Gracias Madre – Delicious food with a side of sexism.
– Another visit to Souley Vegan and a quick run to Cinnaholic.
– First Night in Vegas – Living it up with vegan room service.