Las Vegas – Komol Restaurant – Vegan friendly thai cuisine (Throwback Tuesday)

Komol MenuIt’s been a long and lovely trip of reminiscences, but as of this post, my throwback tuesday Las Vegas posts are over.

Our final restaurant visit before going back home to Toronto was Komol. I’ve been to Komol on every Las Vegas visit since the beginning of my Vegas adventures. It’s one of the original vegan friendly offerings in the city, so I just keep going back for more.

This time, JC and I walked over, but since Vegas was unseasonably cold, it felt like an extra long walk (when it wasn’t *that* bad). Komol is a few blocks away from The Strip, and located in the Village Square Commercial Center. Most people would probably bus/cab/drive over and I’d recommend it (and have recommended it.)

My own words from 2010: “It doesn’t seem like it’s all that far away when you look at the map, but it’s worth taking a cab or bus (it cost about $10+tip one way.) “

Anyway, the food is spicy and tasty. In addition to a fairly substantial non-veg menu, they have about four pages of mostly-vegan options.

Tradition dictates that I must start my Komol meal with soup and the vegetarian combination plate, so that’s what we did.

Here is the Tom Kha with Vegan Shrimp:


Spicy coconut milk soup with lemon grass, and assorted vegetables. Did I mention spicy? The shrimp is like that weird konjac based shrimp you can buy in the frozen food section that happens to also be oddly delicious. Having never had shrimp, I have no idea how it compares, but it does have a really interesting texture, and it does soak in the coconut lemon-grass flavour of this soup.

The Vegetarian Combo Platter


Assorted vegetables, deep fried and paired with a dipping sauce, spring rolls, and squares of tofu. Every time I order this, I can’t help but think I would have just wanted an entire plate of deep fried spinach.

Paw Kee Mau


Fat noodles and tofu, in a adjustably spicy sauce.

The Vegetarian Massaman


Massaman curry is something I got really into because of Keo’s Kitchen in Saskatoon, and while I don’t think anything will trump my memories of Keo’s Massaman, Komol comes close with a spicy dish full of potato and other vegetables, tofu, and coconut milk.

The spice level on this curry is progressive, and while you might be like me and want to order max spice, you may regret your “super spicy” choice – because it will be exactly the way you want it – super spicy – no spice censoring here (which is awesome).


Komol: Thai & Vegetarian Cuisine
953 E Sahara Ave E-10, Las Vegas, NV 89104, United States (map)
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This is the end of Throwback Tuesday – Las Vegas Edition. 

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