Things I Love Thursday – Being home and the idea of home. #TILT

Time flies when you’re having fun, and this week back in Toronto has completely flown by. I enjoyed my time in Edmonton greatly, but it’s so good to be back home. I’ve been thinking a lot about “Home” and what that means lately, maybe because I was working on writing wedding vows, maybe because at some point I’ve put roots in Toronto, and maybe, it’s because, after a few months of searching, JC and I found a house and fell in love with it.

I’ve always felt very transient. Couchsurfing and hostels and vagabonding around the world  seemed like the ideal way to exist, working from “home” or rather “wherever I had my laptop” allowed me to do this for a few years, but then… here I am. With a desktop computer & a netbook. It’s almost symbolic of my inner thoughts, I’ve got something static, and also something for running around with (and for some increased symbolism… I’ve started to use my desktop computer more.)

Recently though, maybe since getting a little older, and finding a nice human to spend time with, I’ve been feeling okay with staying put for long stretches of time. Home is where the heart is, and my heart is here.

JC and I found a house in a neighbourhood we love, on a quiet street, close to a giant park, and a giant lake.  But now we wait. We wait to sell the place we live now, we wait to move into the new place, and I hope to put down some really solid roots in the ground. Maybe even paint the walls. Maybe plant a tree.

So ultimately the thing I love this week especially is that I want to stay in one place. My former self would shake her head at this admission, but I don’t mind. She had her fun.


Fostering these Adoptable Kittens

I sourced the names on Facebook, so here is Sprocket (thanks to Sarina/EarthGiven Kichen‘s kids for the name), Arya (from Shannon/Vegananomaly), and Rolly (named after Laura/BlueEyed Bookworms‘ late cat Roland). Like most kittens, they’re sweetiepies and cuddlebugs. And although they look identical, it becomes really obvious which is which based on their very different personalities.

Arya is a cuddler (with JC), Sprocket is a chatty cuddler (with me), and Rolly is a quiet sort, he’s not as rambunctious as his siblings, but more of a calm presence. He likes to hang out with us, but doesn’t necessarily like to climb all over us.

You can adopt these little kittens from Toronto Cat Rescue.

Live Market is open in Liberty Village

This (from the end of February 2013):
Live coming soon in Liberty Village - April 2

Became this (a lovely well organized store, cafe, restaurant):
Inside Live Market in Liberty Village
For more pictures: visit facebook.

They’re right on the corner of King and Atlantic, have raw and cooked food options, and serve Ezra Pound coffee & Silk Road teas. (Not entirely vegan – you can get coffees with dairy milks)

Going to Niagara this weekend.


Check out the Opening Day Demo event on Facebook. And bring along some Origami Whales.


What do you love this week?

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    • Thank you! Wish I could have made it to VVC this year, but maybe when it’s in Chicago it’ll be less trouble!

    • Thank you Sarina! Hopefully it goes really well. 🙂

      Kittens are being snuggled as I type!