Things I Love Thursday – APieCalypse, Coffee, Snow, Etc.

This week has just flown by. I’m actually surprised it’s already Thursday, but it’s the time again. Things I Love Thursday! Weeee! APieCalypse Now! If you’ve vegan in Toronto, I’m sure you’ve heard, but in case you haven’t, APieCalypse Now! Vegan Bakery opened this weekend in the Annex. After having some trouble with old pipes […]

Things I Love Thursday – Soy milk at Tim Hortons, probably other stuff.

I mentioned this on Facebook, but earlier last week a friend us a picture from the new Tim Hortons in Liberty Village. A Tim Hortons location with soy milk. I wasn’t able to go check it out for myself until yesterday where JC and I have a standing Wednesday lunch date. The same friend that […]

Things I Love Thursday – Local Vegan Toronto Gift Ideas 2013 Edition

For 2014 – please go here. There are lots of general vegan gift idea lists out there, so please do check them out (I’ll link to some of them at the bottom of this post), but it’s worth looking locally to tap into the great community of creators and crafters, bakers, makers, and ingenuous entrepreneurs […]

Things I Love Whenever: Catching Up. Best of Toronto. Yummy Things. Vegan Donuts.

This has been a really great week. I spent some of it feeling gross and yucky with flu-like symptoms, but even despite that, it’s been a great week. I started writing this on Thursday… but life got in the way. First of all, in “MeShell the Consumer” news, I ordered a couple of adult onesies […]

Things I Love Thursday – So many things. Books, Art, Videos, World Record Achievements

I’m glad I’ve got writing TILTs as part of my routine on Thursday. We’ve been back from our not-honeymoon for a few days and I feel like I’ve been playing catch up with the real world, projects, life stuff, house stuff, and foster cat stuff. West End Food Co-op CSO This week I picked up […]