Hello 2014. Good Bye 2013. Happy New Year! #TILT

Happy New Year!

It seems so appropriate to put this into a Things I Love Thursday post.  2013 was one amazing year full of “Big Life Events”. JC and I bought a house. We got married. We started the year in Las Vegas, and ended it in New Orleans. Both of us travelled a lot, together and separately. I helped put together workshops on things I’m good at. I was part of creating a really successful fundraising campaign for an organization that means a lot to me. I went to more animal rights related demonstrations in 2013. I took more pictures than ever. I read more books. Cats. Always cats.


Looking back on the year, it was a good one. I learned a lot, I did a lot, and ate a lot of new and interesting things, and had the opportunity to create things. The best part about taking stock of the year is both to acknowledge how much I managed to accomplish, and also start the year off with some idea of what else I’d like to accomplish. Turn any 2013 disappointments into 2014 opportunities.

One of my biggest resolutions for 2014 is to do more of the things I love while also sharing more with the people I love. There are so many books I want to read. There are so many recipes I want to try. There are so many more things I want to learn about.

I guess it can all just be summed up by: Read more. Learn more. Share more. Do more.

2014 seems like a good year to start up another round of 101 things in 1001 days (where people make a list of 101 specific tasks, and aim to complete them in a period of 1001 days). It’s been nearly 7 years since I started (and finished) it last time. But it was really good at helping me decide what mattered to me and what I wanted to work on.

So Things I Love Thursday:

I love that we spent the last two weeks driving through a few of the southern US states. It was amazing to see places I had never seen before. The opportunity to go to Disneyworld for the first time ever was pretty awesome, really a childhood dream come true. Kennedy Space Centre! Harry Potter adventure in Universal Studios! Finding vegan food all over the place! Boiled peanuts. Lovely. (P.S. It’s also slightly warmer than it is in Toronto right now… I’m sure that helps too)


The usual suspect and this is no surprise. I love my JC. I could not have asked for a better partner in (not) crime, and I’m just really happy we met in the first place. He helps make dreams come true. Knows my “MeShell just read something sad on the internet face”, and gives the best hugs ever. Ever.


I love wandering. Taking a break for a few days or weeks to go somewhere, anywhere, and exploring is my idea of a wonderful time.

Southern Cuisine

Being in the south has only rekindled my love of southern cuisine. Gumbo, jambalaya, BBQ, soul food, boiled, fried, baked, cajun spices, creole seasonings, peanuts, citrus, okra. I know It wont be the same when we’re back in Toronto, but I’m definitely going to keep trying to make some of these dishes when we get home.


We travelled through some areas with some serious history. Some of it terrible. Some of it amazing. I’m interested in reading more about the non-sugar coated history of this area, but even reading any historical account of how the states came together in this area has added to the experience of visiting this area. Street names have more significance, statues are more meaningful, the layout of a city or town might even make more sense. I feel like I appreciate the architectural development of New Orleans just a little bit more, having taken a moment to learn a little bit about it.

My cats

I miss those little trouble makers a whole bunch whenever we’re away. I’m looking forward to the night we get back, and getting covered in cats that hopefully missed us too.

Local Fruit

Fruit that’s grown in the state you’re trying it in, is really darn delicious. We stopped at a couple of roadside spots in Florida, and Mississippi, and picked up some oranges and grapefruits. At the whole foods in Louisiana we got satsuma oranges that were grown in Louisiana.

They are amazing, and nothing like what we get back home. It reminds me very much of how exceptionally wonderful peaches and apples and pears taste straight off an Ontario tree. No surprise there right?

What’s on your Things (You) Love Thursday list? What’s on your Things You Loved in 2013 List? I hope there is a whole bunch. Happy New Year! Let’s make it a great one.