A Final TILT for Vegan MoFo – Things I Loved – Soup, Salads, and Pumpkins.

I’ve enjoyed looking through all the posts and thoughts and recipes throughout Vegan MoFo, having all the blogs collected together on Feedly has been pretty great, and while I’m still (STILL) lamenting the loss of Google Reader, feedly does a decent job of aggregating RSS feeds, and I like that it’s integrated with a bunch […]

Things I Love Thursday: Vegan Mofo Edition 3

Three weeks of Vegan Mofo already? Kind of, at the very least it’s the third Thursday of the month and my third time trying to do a round up of all my favourite posts from the week. A bit of a complication with veganmofo this month (cue my excuses) is that we are in the USA for […]

Things I Love Thursday – Vegan MoFo Edition 2

Back again with the random things that caught my eye since last Thursday. Though I still really like checking in with all the blogs I posted on last week’s list, there is so much more, and there is so much more than is on this list, but while I read pretty fast, I’m sure I’ve […]

Things I Love Thursday – Vegan MoFo Edition 1

Sure sure, it’s been only a few days of Vegan MoFo. How do I have things I love already? Easy. Vegan Mofo is pretty incredible, with so many wonderful vegan bloggers coming together to share all their different stories and recipes and reviews and hot tips and whatever. Like I said in my intro, I […]

Things I Love Thursday. Oh The Places You’ll Go

JC and I have just come back from driving around North America for around 7 weeks, and I’m full of feelings of gratitude and awe at having such a wonderful opportunity this summer, and trying to take stock of all the incredible things and places and people we’ve had the privilege to visit. When we started […]

The Toronto Vegan 100 – My Grand Total: 80(so far)

Toronto’s Vegan 100 is a curated list of some of the unbelievable vegan dishes suggested by discerning local vegans who shared their favourite dishes, memorable meals and unforgettable finds put together by Lisa from Vegan Culinary Crusade While I might not agree with absolutely all of these items as the best that Toronto has to […]

Lazy Vegan Fish Friday – Gardein’s Fishless Filets

After last the lazy vegan Friday post about Gardein’s Breakfast Sandwiches, one of you wonderful readers were kind enough to tell me where I could find Gardein’s Fishless Filets (thanks Dan!) After my attempts to find it at Essence of Life were fauxfishless. So this weekend we took a little trip up to Fiesta Farms, […]

Things I Love Thursday – Cats, Having the Right Name on Envelopes, Zevia, etc.

I’ve been having a very good week this week. And probably last week too. It’s one of those weeks where things are going so great, and I felt so positive and optimistic, that I simultaneously felt myself bracing for something bad to happen. So, yesterday, something sort of bad did happen. Our newest rescue cat, […]