Thursday Navel Gazing & Things I Like. Things Like Sunshine

Last week I was in beautiful Southern California for the Natural Food Expo West in Anaheim California. I like that I didn’t bring boots, or a coat, or gloves. There was no need for hats or scarves. It was consistently around 20C, and sunny. I went outside in sandals. I had to get sun glasses.

Laguna Beach

I got to go to Intelligentsia Coffee & Donut Friend with a friend. We also went to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor at the California Science Center.

Seeing the space shuttle was one of the most epic and awesome things I’ve seen in my life so far. This giant thing was actually in SPACE. Me and space are separated by one degree now (okay okay, I met an astronaut, so that was already the case, but still! So exciting) There was a 5-10 minute before you enter the shuttle room that just filled me with this incredible feeling of wonder and excitement. I felt pumped. The amount of work, hundreds of people did to get the Shuttle through the streets of Los Angeles to its final resting place.

Space Shuttle Endeavor

I got to try a lot of incredible new vegan products at ExpoWest. And brought home a bunch of samples. Tomorrow I’ll have a few highlights up from the event.

If you go to expo west, you might leave with some samples.

I even won a big gift basket of mostly vegan Austin, TX stuff from the Bearded Brothers.

Bearded Brothers gift basket

While I loved being in Southern California soaking up sunshine and delicious vegan stuff that we can’t get here, I also really missed home. My family, my house, and even in spite of the snow that fell the day after I got back, I’m very glad to be home.

There is something so wonderful about Toronto. It’s cold, but there is so much vibrancy, there is so much community, there is so much exciting stuff going on. I love that there are people trying to make this city the best it can be.  I love that this is home.

What do you love today?