Things I Love Thursday – Things and More Things.

Another week, another TILT. I feel as though I’ve been doing fairly well reflecting on all the things I love every week. I might not always post something, but it’s always on my mind.

I did something last night that filled me with joy. I’m not going to say what it is, but it did involve random acts of semi-anonymous kindness. Sometimes when I’m feeling upset I want nothing more than to do something for someone else. The reasons are of course at least partially selfish though, because it feels so good to know that someone is slightly better/happier/etc because of something I did. Just a little thing, but it makes my life fuller to help.

Last week I took a brief trip to London, Ontario, and I loved grabbing lunch with a PPK pal Ms. Naked Vegan Lunch, at Veg Out, and having fantastic conversation. I loved stumbling upon an AMAZING mural in downtown London. This is totally one of my favourite things from last week.

It’s the Stephen Watson Memorial Mural. So colourful! So beautiful. And the most amazing thing is that I didn’t know it was there before I got there, and I wasn’t looking for it. I just started walking.around the city after my lovely lunch, and there it was. I was attracted by the colours and I had to take a closer look. The details were great.

Stephen Watson Memorial Mural

Other things I loved this week:

  • Baking cookies
  • Finishing difficult, but satisfying projects.
  • Eating donuts from Through Being Cool:

This is the earl grey glazed. Say what you will about filled donuts, but my favourite ones are usually lightly glazed. Even more favourite when it’s an earl grey infused glaze! Mmmm

  • And a delicious dinner at The Depanneur last night.

I had dinner at The Depanneur last night and it was quiet and delicious. I don’t eat alone often anymore, at least not outside of the house, but I’m glad I did. Delicious Veg Out Wednesday dinner at the Depp is always a good excuse to go out into the cold outside world.

Hope you had a good week too.

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  1. I’m blown away by the beautiful mural…. I love these sorts of murals dedicated to animals & sea creatures. The donuts ….. I NEED THEM! I don’t want the Voodoo one anymore.