Things I love Thursday – Travel for business or pleasure


As much as I love where I live, or as much as I always try to love where I live, wherever that might be, it’s always nice to leave the usual for a while.

airplane wing

I enjoy the act of planning a trip, even a brief one, (& even if I’m not even going.) Part of me is convinced that my list of places and restaurants, and transit information will not just help me, but might help someone else someday, so that’s a major reason behind why I bother. It helps me, but one of my favourite things about the internet is that there is always the potential to share information that might be useful to someone else.

I probably would have done well as a travel agent.

Plus I love making functional lists. And checking them off. Or Google maps. With layers. Coming soon.

Recipe for Change

Later this evening FoodShare’s annual fundraiser Recipe for Change is on. It will be my third year going. JC and I have such a great time wandering around, taking pictures, eating, drinking, and checking out the silent auction items. We don’t make it out to a lot of fundraisers every year, but we make this one a priority.

Recipe for Change I’m really into the work that FoodShare Toronto does in the city, especially when it comes to teaching kids how to cook and prepare food, their work on school gardening projects, and their fantastic Field to Table school programs and workshops. Check this stuff out, you might just learn something too!

Here are are some highlights of the vegan stuff & there are still tickets to the event if you feel like joining in last minute.

Apiecalypse Now.

Another food related thing that I love about Thursday’s – it is the first day of the week I can go into Apiecalypse Now and stock up on a few things for the rest of the week. If you get nothing else, pick up a jar of ranch, some magic squares, and I’m hoping to pick up a jar of carrot soup (some of the proceeds go to support The Bunny Alliance).

Rearranging Furniture

I rearranged our main floor this week. I spent an hour or two moving our “living room” from the front of the house, to the back of the house, and then moving everything that was at the back, to the front of the house. The only thing that remained the same was the dining table, in the center. My stand up desk now sits by the front window, but my favourite part is the back corner with the couch. The cats love it too.


We have been slacking off on our Indie coffee Passport exploration. The last two weekends were spent doing things other than visiting our remaining passport stops, but despite the lack of outdoor coffee exploration, I’ve been playing with a lot of coffee at home.

Coffee - Espresso

Some of it has been with the beans I got from The Roasters Pack last week, and some of it has been with my usual chocosol beans, but coffee experiments have been a brewing – including cold brewing.

Coffee - carvallo beans

Is it just me, or are coffee beans really kind of beautiful in their own way. Maybe I’ve just been drinking too much coffee…

I picked up Espresso Coffee: the Science of Quality, so down the rabbit hole I go.

What’s on your Things I Love Thursday list?

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  1. Same here, I feel the same way, too! I love that there is always the potential to share information that might be useful to someone else! For instance, I recommended this 100% vegan place in central Bogota and it wasn’t on Happy Cow or anywhere else and another food blogger went there for her honeymoon and was fortunate to have read my review in the first place! I felt really content that my reviews & discoveries helped others and that is the concept I want! My partner loves cold brewing his coffee – I will have to ask him how he likes his and which coffee beans he uses!