Back from Las Vegas!

We’re back from a week in Las Vegas and while this trip was mostly focused on attending one of my favourite conferences (DEFCON) we still managed to try a lot of new places to eat, and I can’t wait to share the experience a bit more beyond random Instagram updates.

Highlights include a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, a quietly vegan-awesome Italian restaurant by the Las Vegas airport, venturing to downtown Vegas for pizza, Nerding, the traditional visit to Ronald’s Donuts, and actually eating at Las Vegas buffets for the first time ever.

But for now, we’re taking this “Civic Holiday” (Which I still know as Heritage Days’ from Alberta…) and decompressing a little, cuddling with our kitties (who did actually seem to really miss us), and getting ready to leave Toronto for a second time this month later this week. It’s nice to leave sometimes, but it’s so very nice to be home right now.

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  1. A pleasure to come across another vegan + travel blog! And yes for Ronald’s Donuts! I love them as well as Vegas! I just added you on a feeder and I look forward to reading more of your posts!