Author: MeShell

I live in Toronto with my partner JC, our small human, and 2 cats. I like technology, vegan food, traveling, and lots of other things. For more information about MeShell, JC, Emmie, or Marmo, visit our About page.

Vancouver – Indigo Age Cafe

The first few times we saw Indigo Age Cafe come up on a vegan-friendly food list we mentally skipped it because we thought it was some raw food place and we’re not usually into that. But after repeatedly seeing it, I got curious – maybe it would hit the spot...

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2014 Roadtrip – Helena, Montana

It wouldn’t be my first visit to Helena, Montana, but it had been at least a couple of decades since my last time there as a kid. We had left Glacier National Park, and were heading to Yellowstone National Park for that evening. Helena is conveniently located right between Glacier and...

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1 Day of Vegan Hospital Food

Well, nearly 4 months ago I wrote a big long piece about the birth of our new baby, and since I spent about 24 hours in a hospital, that meant that they also tried to feed me a few meals at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Toronto, and since some folks were curious what...

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