Montreal – Cafe Dei Campi

I’ve talked about Cafe Dei Campi before, but it’s one of my favourite places to go to eat and have coffee in Montreal. We’ve gone there many many times since they opened in 2016, but only been to Montreal three times in that time. It’s just wonderful every time. They make vegan pastries, but have dairy products for coffee, but also make a damn good soy latte.

Since our last visit, they added a nice outdoor patio – but we stayed inside. They also had dinosaurs for our son to play with, which was a great bonus.

We ordered a variety of things, including a strawberry tart, cornettos, and a chocolate hazelnut filled beignet.

But I was most excited for the cornettos as usual – they’re an Italian croissant-like pastry filled with an orange scented chocolate, and we had to take one of them to go.

As an added bonus, especially if you have someone in your party that needs to burn off some energy, or you enjoy eating outside, you can visit Pere Marquette Park across the street – it’s got trees, benches, a skate park, baseball fields and other things to enjoy.

Obviously, we will be back again to this wonderful place, and I recommend you try it someday too.

2 Responses

  1. I see so many wonderful and delicious pictures from this place around the internet, I would love to go there and eat everything!