Stratford, Ontario – The Planet Diner

We spent the day at Cedar Row‘s annual Summer of Peace event and it was beautiful as always but on the way home, we were wondering where we could go for a bite to eat. I asked around, and a friend  suggested we visit The Planet Diner in Stratford, Ontario, so off we went to check it out.

The Planet Diner opened only a few months ago and it looks great. There is an outside patio, indoor diner style seating (complete with puffy red booths), and a fun kitschy decor. It features casual comfort food. They serve a primarily vegan menu, with a few meat-containing options available. It seems like they are generally dairy-free but if you have allergies, of course it’s best to double check (I didn’t ask).

They have coffee, tea, cold drinks, juice, alcohol, and virgin cocktails too. You can take a peek at their menus on their website – they’ve got lots of options for everyone, including stuff for the gluten free crowd.

We rolled in around 4ish, and there was street parking available nearby, there is also a green P around a block away.

Their brunch menu looks delicious, but ends at 3, so we picked off the regular menu.

We started off sharing the fries and gravy (default vegan) and a couple of drinks – I had a soy cappuccino (which was excellent) and JC got the virgin Caesar which was spicy and wonderful (I might have stolen a few/several sips.)


I had the Planet Burger, which was huge and tasty. But exceptionally so – all the layers work perfectly together – it’s got a thick beefy vegan patty, sautéed mushrooms, onions, a cheeze sauce, lettuce, tomato, and “planet sauce” on a beautiful dark soft pretzel bun.

JC got the Libacious Mac and Cheese – which was elbow noodles in a cashew cheese sauce with crispy tofu bacon, mushrooms, and scallions topped off with with some panko.

Our Tinyhuman got the Fingers and Fries off the kids menu, and enjoyed the heck out of the fries and handfuls of JC’s mac and cheese. They also have a mac and cheese on the kids menu if you’re looking for a smaller portion for your little folks.

They also have donuts and other desserts for those of you with a sweet tooth.

Service was okay and food came out quickly after we ordered. It’s nice to know about this place since we travel along this route relatively often during the summer months and lovely to have in mind in case you are seeing a show or attending one of the many festivals in Stratford (or obviously if you live there.)

I’d recommend checking it out if you have the chance! We’ll be back.

The Planet Diner
 118 Downie St, Stratford, ON N5A 1X1 (map)
website | facebook | instagram

They take cash, credit cards, and debit.

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