Things I Love 2014 (beware pictures!)

I feel like it’s been too long since I took a moment to write a TILT. Too long. Last year even! To be honest, I started writing this last week, on January 1st, which also just happened to be a Thursday but got side tracked. But really, what better time to look back on 2014, and say, you were pretty decent, and I liked you? Better late than never? I suppose that’s been my policy for blogging in general.

2014 was a year of awesome travel, great experiences, and lots of plans & plots that are sure to carry through to 2015.

The first few days of January 2014 were spent in the southern United States. We rang in the New Year in New Orleans. I never blogged about it, but what a beautiful way to ring in the New Year, off in the French Quarter, so many people from so many different places together.


February 2014 is when one of my favourite fundraisers in Toronto happens – Recipe for change. I took a bunch of pictures and enjoyed the whole event greatly. I’m looking forward to it this year too.

Recipe for Change 2014 - Recipe for Change 2014 - Recipe for Change 2014 - Recipe for Change 2014 -

March 2014 was my first visit to Los Angeles, and when we attended the incredible ExpoWest, where natural and organic product makers, marketers, and retailers converge on to an expo building in Anaheim, California. Looking forward to this year’s expo as well. But what I really want… is to go back to this beach and run around in sandals in March.

Laguna Beach

March is also when the Vegan Bake Off was, with so many different and delicious talented local vegan bakers competing for top treats.


In April 2014 one of my favourite things was going to the Vegan Pre-Passover Supper Club at the Depanneur. It was a nice experience with a whole variety of traditional dishes – veganized. Like this Okara Gefilte Fish .

sm Okara Gefilte Fish - Emily Zimmeman - Passover

In May 2014 I went to Edmonton to be with my family. It was kind of a result of some bad & at the time uncertain news, so it was bittersweet, but regardless it was still nice to visit and spend sometime with my folks and see what was new in my old hometown.


Plus I got to see Misha too. And visit some of the new and interesting things that have popped up in the last little while

In June 2014 JC and I put on the first (of what I hope will be many) Vegan Pop Ups in Toronto. It was a lot of work, and we learned a lot along the way, but overall, I think it was a positive experience for us and everyone else.

VeganPopUpPoster - Copy

And July 2014 marked the beginning of an adventurous two months I can’t even begin to describe I’ve been trying to do regular roadtrip posts, but I’m only about halfway through.

Some of my favourite pictures from the July & August Roadtrip:

On the Road Again. Pilsen Street Art DSC01640 DSC02400 DSC02561 DSC02681  Yellowstone DSC03770 DSC03818 DSC03879 Very Large Array  DSC04440

September 2014 was the Vegan Month of Food, where I attempted to talk about all of our roadtip stops, but ultimately didn’t get through nearly enough of our amazing trip. I also put together a list of some of my favourite places and dishes in Toronto. Other wonderfully fun things were the Vegetarian Food Festival

Pie Bird with google plus effects

In October 2014 we finally visited PieBird Vegan Farmstay & Cottage. Their main house was closed for the season, so we had the cottage all to ourselves. We spend the weekend with our phones off, and enjoying the scenery, books, and visiting the animals that live on the farm. And we spent a weekend away in Detroit, which continues to be one of my favourite cities to visit.

Canadian Parliament

Keeping with the theme of the year, November 2014 was spent flitting about between Toronto and other places, including Ottawa (which involved visiting the incredible Cafe My House a few times) and New York City, which I’d return to in the following month.

December 2014 was holiday central. hanukah. christmas. family member birthdays. my birthday. It felt like a whirlwind. And we only just left it.

New York City

Overall, 2014 was great, and full of new adventures and new places, meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends. Here is to a great new year to you and yours. And me and mine. 🙂