Laguna Beach – Southern California.

It was the day JC was leaving to go back to Toronto, one day before me, and we had spent most of our days at ExpoWest, and some of the time vegetating in the sunshine or in our air conditioned, but otherwise sparse, hmotel room. We woke up and wanted to do something, to explore whatever it is that Southern California has going for it (which is lots of lovely things.)

So we started our day by going to Laguna Beach. It was one of those days where we wanted to do something, but kept finding other things we wanted to do. We thought of going into Los Angeles for brunch (at Flore.) Or here. Or there. The beach won.

Laguna Beach

We went, and it was so sunny and amazing, we took off our shoes/sandals and walked down the beach with our feet in the sand. Let me tell you something… the water wasn’t warm. But I just had to put my feet in it. And take a video.

Then I did something I said I’d never do.

I posted a video to Instagram.

And yes, these are my feet. (with Butter nail lacquer in His/Her Royal Highness Purple.)

In my defense, my usual spot to post videos (Vine) wasn’t letting me upload anything, so after the second “failed upload” message, I popped open instagram and saved a memory of sunny beaches and waves lapping at my feet. I look at this video now that I’m back in Toronto and it makes me smile, and for a moment I forget it’s still March and winter, and I start thinking about visiting the Toronto Islands when it’s warmer. Soon I hope.

The natural choice of course was to actually go for brunch – Seabirds was on the agenda, but I’ve learned not to pair videos of feet with pictures of food, so that’ll have to wait for a future date.

We didn’t go to The Stand, Laguna Beach’s Natural Food/Vegan Stand, but know that there is at least one vegan spot in Laguna Beach (238 Thalia St) and it’s close to the beach, if you’re ever visiting and want a bite.

Also worth mentioning: You can take the OCTA (public transit) to Laguna Beach if you don’t have a car, especially if like me, you are staying in Anaheim and don’t drive.