Memories of Sadie’s Diner in Toronto

We ate our last meal at Sadie’s Diner last weekend. Sadies is was a vegan-friendly meatless restaurant that had been open since 2006, but now it’s closed. I’ve always seen it as an institution in Toronto and was a little surprised it wasn’t open even longer, but it probably helps that I have never known a Toronto without Sadie’s.


Sadie’s Diner was one of the first vegan-friendly restaurants I went to in Toronto on my first 48hr visit to Toronto back in 2008, and was one of the first spots I visited when I arrived in 2010 (on the post-university “visit” that has extended to the present.)

Tofu Club from Sadies Diner 2008
Tofu Club from Sadie’s Diner in 2008

Known for their all-day-breakfasts, bright teal diner tables, and a huge wall of Pez (the owner Al is a serious collector), this spot did more than serve food – it was home to fundraisers, and art shows and community meetings, and more, and I hope that there will be other local vegan businesses that pick up the torch on the Vegan-Food-For-Charity front, because that level of thoughtfulness and community involvement will be missed.

I remember the very first Chili-For-Charity fundraiser I attended (which was also the first time JC and I went to Sadie’s together) back in April 2011 – for ARK II, an organization I’ve since joined as a director. It was my first time meeting the folks involved with ARKII and learning more about what they do. I even won a wallet and a t-shirt from the raffle.

Sadies - Coney Fries

Anyway, farewell to Sadie’s, and best wishes to Al Ridley. Sorry to everyone that missed out on visiting Sadie’s while it was open.

Sadies - Good Bye Toronto

If you’re looking for a few good options for vegan brunch in Toronto it’s not over – there are a few good spots out there, in no particular order (& it’s certainly not limited to these):

What is one of your memories of Sadie’s Diner?

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  1. Aw… I only got to go there once, but I have very fond memories of it. I had my first vegan grilled cheese with bacon there, and a chocolate shake, if I remember correctly. I got a picture of that amazing wall of Pez, and always had in mind that I’d go back there one day. So sad they’re closing.

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful tribute to an amazing (delish food, great atmosphere, kindly owner) establishment. Like you, I didn’t know a Toronto that didn’t include Sadie’s.