Things I love Thursday (on Friday) and a Sunshine Award from Sarina at Earthgiven Kitchen.

The lovely Sarina from Earthgiven nominated me for a Sunshine award last week, and it happens to be Things I love Thursday day so it seemed perfect to combine the two posts together. I’ve already written a little blogger love note to Sarina after she sent me a bunch of treats for Vegan Food Swap […]

Things I like Thursday – Home (Toronto) #TILT

Well, after yesterday’s reminiscences I needed a list of postive happy things that I love more than ever. I’m still thinking about Jasper and our visit to Edmonton last week. It’s hard to believe that it was such a short trip, because we packed a lot into it. I managed to see most of my friends, and […]

Things I Love Thursday (on Friday) – BBQs, Birthday, and some other B’s (not really)

On Wednesday I successfully put together the BBQ I ordered for JC’s birthday (which was on Saturday). It was delivered in a giant 70lbs box, and upon opening it, I was immediately transported to less happy times, putting together Swedish furniture. But luckily, it was really easy, and the instructions and pieces made logical sense, […]

Things I love Thursday – It’s hot edition

The past 7 days have been interesting, they’ve been hard, they’ve been exciting, they’ve been nerve wracking, they’ve been inspiring, and they’ve been fun. It’s not often that I get to go on a roller coaster of emotions in both my personal and professional life, but I’m often better off for it. Decisions that are […]

Things I Love Thursday – Middle of June edition.

Sometimes without my reminder on twitter that it’s #TILT day, I would forget it was Thursday. This week has gone by quickly, quicker than usual, for better or worse. Earlier this week I met up with an Edmonton friend at the Pearson International Airport while she was on a layover back from Cancun. I hadn’t […]

Things I love Thursday – Bike edition

Today, I fell off my bike. Thrown off into the street by street car tracks, literally turning onto the street I live on. This is common. I’ve gotten the impression that this happens to people often enough that it’s known at the hospital. When JC fell off his bike around this time of year, and […]

Things I Love Thursday – Wedding Edition.

I’m going to take a break from reminiscing about the very awesome lovely Boston trip we had and all the fabulous things we ate, to talk about something that I keep getting asked about all the time… When is the wedding? Do you have a date yet? How’s the wedding planning going? etc. Short answer, […]

Things I love Thursday – Mostly Food, Sometimes Company.

Today was a great day. I discovered a way to streamline a process that had otherwise been taking hours to complete at work, and then the rest of the day’s good stuff happened. – Food Truck Eats – Sadie’s Diner and Juice bar (with Donuts from Rise Above) – Dufferin Farmers Market – the Lovemuffin […]