Things I Love Thursday – Wedding Edition.

I’m going to take a break from reminiscing about the very awesome lovely Boston trip we had and all the fabulous things we ate, to talk about something that I keep getting asked about all the time…


When is the wedding? Do you have a date yet? How’s the wedding planning going? etc.

Short answer, it hasn’t really been going, and I’m okay with it (until of course I get asked the questions, which then start me on the road to questioning my identity as a proper bride that should be obsessing about these things… not so much.) I’m not sure why people ask, and I’m certain their intentions aren’t malicious, but the question already got old a few months ago. But this is supposed to be a positive TILT.

I love that wedding planning has sort of come together in the last 48 hours, and we’ve got a potential venue, and I might have some dress shopping in my future, we’re working on menu ideas, and I found a decent florist (that works with local and organic flowers.)

Cherry Blossoms in High Park

Tuesday I was sick and working from home, the TV just happened to be on, and I just happened to be watching wedding shows on Bravo and TLC. I realized that I might not have the same aspirations for a wedding as some of the ladies on TV, but whatever we end up with is going to be a beautiful blend of JC’s and my cultural heritage (Jewish, Danish, Polish), our beliefs (secular), a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, and entirely vegan (which is incredibly important to me.)

I find myself wishing that all these “eco” friendly and “green” bridal services didn’t keep pushing “peace” silk like it was the best thing since sliced bread. I just want something beautiful that hasn’t been stolen from worms and hasn’t been made by children. I’ve begun to accept that I just wont be able to make my own dress as much as I’d like to. Though the options are out there: I will be able to make a nice veil on my own (if I choose to) or find one that fits my needs.

I’ve been collecting my wedding planning ideas and inspiration on pinterest, so if you want to check it out, it’s all there.

I love that the Centre for Social Innovation Exists

Today I also love that the CSI (Centre for Social Innovation) has a Youth Agents of Change Program. CSI working with ING Direct  is providing space and support to young people aged 19-29 with a promising social venture.

We’re looking for a diverse mix of people and projects to support through the 2012/3 program. The 20 Youth Agents of Change selected for the program will receive:

  • 60 hours of free monthly desk space and three hours of free monthly meeting space at the Centre for Social Innovation Annex (720 Bathurst Street at Bloor)
  • Access to the ING Direct Network Orange Space (221 Yonge Street at Dundas)
  • Tailored programming and mentorship to accelerate your social venture
  • Connections to experts, professionals and resources across the social mission sector
  • Participation in Toronto’s most dynamic community of change agents

Food Events

I also love the amazing amount of food and environmentally positive events that are happening in the next few months. Add to that many of them are events that I’m also going to try and volunteer for. As time has gone on, I’ve identified that my passion for food goes beyond cooking and creating, and really is about blending ethics, education, empowerment, and quality. I’m not sure where that will lead me, but I do want to make those passions a bigger part of my daily life.

At the Evergreen Brickworks

Other Stuff
Our recent trip to Boston, Emmiecat, having a friendly supportive partnership, dinner with friends, brunch, Farmers Markets, the beginning of the local flower season (daffodils and tulips are EVERYWHERE).

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