Things I Love Thursday (on Friday) – BBQs, Birthday, and some other B’s (not really)

On Wednesday I successfully put together the BBQ I ordered for JC’s birthday (which was on Saturday).

It was delivered in a giant 70lbs box, and upon opening it, I was immediately transported to less happy times, putting together Swedish furniture. But luckily, it was really easy, and the instructions and pieces made logical sense, so putting it together was a breeze. The major selling points for this BBQ for me were the specialized veggie grilling basket and pizza stone.

Grillingwise, things turned out quite well. Yesterday we grilled up the giant zucchini we got from Fresh City Farms on Wednesday, leftover eggplant, and some Gardein Burgers on it. It was Grilltacular.

Other things I’m loving and excited about:

– I’m posting this on Friday, and I don’t care.
– Next week JC and I will be in Edmonton and I’m so looking forward to it. I miss my friends and family, I miss the familiar places, and I’m looking forward to being a tourist in my hometown (AND especially looking forward to showing JC around town!)
Vegan Food swap – always.
– Using my technical skills to help local (and not-so-local) organizations do cool stuff.
– Farmers Markets. This week it was Tuesday’s Trinity Bellwoods (for Vegan Empanadas from Bus Kitchen and Niagara Peaches) and Thursday’s Dufferin Grove Farmers Market for Spring Rolls from Earth and City.
– Creative baked goods.
Hot and Spicy Festival at the Harbourfront Centre this weekend.
Toronto Beer Festival next week. Vegan friendly beer guide coming very soon.