Things I Love Thursday – Middle of June edition.

Sometimes without my reminder on twitter that it’s #TILT day, I would forget it was Thursday. This week has gone by quickly, quicker than usual, for better or worse.

Earlier this week I met up with an Edmonton friend at the Pearson International Airport while she was on a layover back from Cancun. I hadn’t realized how much I missed her, and also relatedly – how much I miss Edmonton itself.

JC and I had been planning on going to Defcon in Las Vegas this August, but I think we may just go visit my hometown. It’s been nearly two years, and there are so many things about the city and around the city that I want to show him (in addition to Calgary and Banff, maybe Jasper). Plus I’m sure there are new and exciting things going on, and I want to find them.

Other than the potential travel at the end of next month, I’m looking forward to the Dufferin Grove Farmers Market today (3-7) and sending out my Foodie Penpals Swap and my Vegan Food swap Packages very soon.

More stuff I love: 

Squatting 240lbs at Totum yesterday. It’s getting kind of amazing to me how powerful running/walking legs can be. I ran a quick mile and a half on the treadmill, and then thought… I should go home… but instead went back up stairs and did a little bit of weight training. Fitocracy is keeping me motivated.

Good Dinners. Businesses involved in supporting organizations and individuals that support them – like Sadie’s Diner and it’s “Chili for Charity” nights. That it’s grilling season – Asparagus, Artichokes, Mushrooms, Cobs of Corn… meet the BBQ. Twitter. Muffins.

A wedding cake tasting at Sweet from the Earth with JC later today. (bolded for extra excitement)

My cute cat – Emmie


What’s on your list?

4 Responses

  1. 240 lbs! Wow, that’s impressive.
    If you guys end up making it to Calgary we should do a meet up! I’m sure there are some PPKers who would be up for a dinner date 🙂