Things I love Thursday on Friday – Edmonton Edition. Earths General Store, The River Valley, Yoga, Food.

There are so many things I love, and so many things I could be talking about, but this week, I’m relishing my time in Edmonton. It’s been a little under a year since my last visit, and at some point last month I realized I missed my family & friends, and it was time for […]

Things I Love Thursday – Edible City, Defiant Daughters. Coffee. The Ghosts in Our Machine.

Oh look, another long TILT post. Bon Jour! I’m in the process of developing a morning routine that involves going to the gym and reading (on the elliptical trainer or stair climber.) I find it strange to read at home (vs. in a cafe) or in places other than a streetcar, subway, or bus on […]

Things I love Thursday – Co-ops. SNL Veganville. Pomdeter. Artisinal vegan cheese.

You know those times when you have a great idea as you’re falling asleep and think – whoa, I should really write this down so I don’t forget it… but then you wake up the next morning not having written it down, remembering only that you had a great idea, but not the idea itself? […]

Things I love Thursday – Books, Vegtoons, Veg-friendly kids events

Books – An Everlasting Meal – Tamar Adler I read a lot of books, usually non-fiction, sometimes (okay – often) about food. A fellow TYFPC council member recommended An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler. When she recommended it, I immediately got it on my Kobo so I wouldn’t forget, and I’m glad I did. As […]

Things I Love Thursday – Recipe for Change, New York Vegetarian Food Festival, and so many things.

Thursdays are giving me a lot of fodder for TILT lately. Tonight is Recipe for Change, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to eat great vegan food, drink my fill of coffee and lemonade (and maybe some wine…), all while supporting a great cause. As usual, I’m also really looking forward to taking pictures […]

Things I love Friday – Foster Cats and Kimchi in Toronto

I’ve had a great week, full of good news, and challenging projects, Valentine’s Day was lovely, and it’s a “short week” because this Monday was Family Day. I started writing this yesterday, but didn’t get around to doing anything with it until today. 1. Happy Toronto Cat Rescue Successful Adoption Story! This weekend we said […]

Things I Love Thursday – Mise En Place, Urban Farming, Foster cats, Vine

Things I love Thursday is here again, and there are lots of things and places and ideas I love, but I’m trying to contain myself. Mise En Place I’ve only recently started employing the Mise-en-place style of baking, and I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long. Baking is basically chemistry, and when I’ve […]

Things I Love Thursday – Food, Love, Cats, and Vegan Pledge #TILT

There are lots of things I love this year so far, it started off in a lovely fashion, I’ve started knocking things off of my 101 in 1001 list, and we started fostering kittens with Toronto Cat Rescue again. Meet Corwin. He’s about 12 weeks old, and a shy, but cuddly purrfactory. I haven’t really […]

Things I Love Thursday – Surprise Birthday Trips to San Francisco

Bright and early yesterday morning we were on our way to the airport, since JC gave me an incredible birthday surprise – a trip to the sunny southern part of the USA. It was my birthday yesterday, and despite spending 5 hours of it on an airplane, it was amazing. We had dinner at Millennium, […]

Things I Love Thursday – A Few Local Toronto Vegan Gift Ideas

I’ve been thinking about vegan gift ideas for the last few weeks, and there have already been lots of great ideas put out there by the Toronto Vegetarian Association and the Torontoist‘s Toronto Themed Gift List. Toronto has this great community of creators and crafters, bakers and makers, and ingenuity. There are good organizations to […]