Vegan Pop Up, Lunch, Health, & other Things I Love Thursday

There are a few things I’m grateful for this week. Supportive friends, sunshine, a really good batch of cold brew coffee, that all three of my cats are getting along (sort of), the house is covered in lush green ivy, and the garden JC and I have worked on has turned our first growing season in our new home into a really nice verdant and cozy space.

The most incredible thing for me is that I took a picture of the house before I left for Edmonton a couple of weeks ago, and when I arrived back in Toronto I was surprised by the beautiful wall of green outside.

100 in 1 Day Toronto


Tomorrow is 100 in 1 Toronto, which is an incredible event where people gather together, decide to make something happen, and take up space doing it.

Click the above image to find out more about 100 in 1 Day Toronto

Vegan Pop Up

VeganPopUpPoster - Copy

There is a Vegan Pop Up coming up on June 15th, and I’m happy to be involved in it. There is this incredible amount of excitement at having everything come together, and it’s only just under ten days away.

We’ve got a really fabulous combination of little vegan businesses and some more well known folks – there will be a couple of vegan and/or animal focused local organizations attending, and proceeds from admission tickets are going to support a farm sanctuary (Cedar Row). We’ll have an animal care item donation box for All Creatures Rescue and a food bank donation box for Red Door Family Shelter. Basically – I had the opportunity to be part of creating the kind of event that I would want to go to, and would feel good about – so I did.

It’s hard to say what it will actually end up looking like, but I’m looking forward to the first one either way and more fun vegan events in the future. I’m grateful to the support people and businesses have been giving this event, and to all the vendors that decided to take a chance on an otherwise unknown group.