Things I Love Thursday – Vegan MoFo Edition 2

Back again with the random things that caught my eye since last Thursday. Though I still really like checking in with all the blogs I posted on last week’s list, there is so much more, and there is so much more than is on this list, but while I read pretty fast, I’m sure I’ve missed a whole bunch of gems out there.

Things I Love

We’ve made a slightly modified (more peaches!) version of this peach pie smoothie from Connoisserurus Veg about three or four times since I spotted it.


This Vegan Mock Chopped Liver spread from Triumph Wellness. I can imagine this would be perfect on bagels, or anything really, and I’ve been dreaming of baking bagels the moment it started getting cooler outside. Soon the bagelling will begin, probably for post-Yom Kippur break fast next month.

Muggle Pumpkin Juice Smoothies from Dumbledore’s Vegan Army. Last year, for my birthday we travelled a bit in the southern USA, as part of that trip we went to the Universal Studios park and visited Hogwarts… and they had this pumpkin juice…. If you’ve had the pumpkin juice you would understand. It’s so delicious. So delicious. So I want to try this, because I’m a muggle, and I like pumpkin juice. Also, it’s pumpkin time.

JC’s youngest sisters loves the Nightmare Before Christmas. So I had to share this perfect for fall Jack Skellington’s Spicy Pumpkin-Soup (in german) – translate to English. (I’m also getting really excited for fall.)

Spicy Vegan Chex Mex from House Vegan. Because snacks.

BBQ Tofu Cola Sloppy Joe Sandwich – from Vegetarian Snob. For passover I made these matzohball meatballs with Zevia Cola, and they were wicked delicious and surprising because the idea of blending cola and solid food had never occurred to me before. I imagine this BBQ Tofu Cola sandwich would be mighty tasty too.

Vegan4One has two recipes that jumped out at me right away – Jackfruit Lettuce Cups with a Jalapeno Peach Salsa. And Rosemary Mushroom and Kale Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Fried Sage Leaves. They both look incredible.

Vegan Twinkies from Vegan Dollhouse. Because Twinkies. Obviously.

Looking in other peoples’ cupboards

I’m pretty nosy, so I loved poking around (digitally) in The Boltonian Vegan’s kitchen in 3 parts! – part one, part two, part three. I remember when folks posted a bunch of pictures from their kitchen during a vegan mofo of long ago, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more posts like this.

Show me your fridge darn it!

How To Do Things.

First of all, Rejuvalac.

The first time I tried to make vegan cheese I messed it all up on the first step (rejuvalac). Mary’s Test Kitchen did a guide on how to make Rejuvalac thank I’m passing on as both a public service and as a reminder that I should do it this way, and not some weird way.

 Any favourite finds this Vegan MoFo you’d like to share? 

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