Vegans can’t have Barbecues right?

I told a few acquaintances about going to a BBQ this week and they looked at me questioningly, and asked nervously… “well, uh…what did you have?” It felt like they were waiting for me to confess to my post-veganness; that I had ripped into a cow based burger, or some other similar thing. Of course not!

A friend came back to visit Edmonton from the heaven that is Tofino, BC, and we all had a BBQ together. What do you eat if you’re vegan? Guess what, it’s nearly the same thing as everyone else.

We had a raw broccoli and cauliflower salad with a raspberry vinaigrette. boiled and roasted cobs of corn. veggie burgers (regular and wheat free), roasted potatoes. Simple and delicious. I’m looking forward to arranging another barbecue soon, this time in one of Edmonton’s great big parks.

Now tell me, does this look like an empty plate to you?

Vegan BBQ