Astral Harvest 2010

Astral Harvest

I spent this past weekend at the Astral Harvest Electronic Music Festival in Driftpile, Alberta. It was a cloudy windy rainy weekend, but good music and good company made the weather easy to forget and ignore. We hadn’t planned on going to this event until the night before we left, but the last minute trips tend to be some of the best. It was going to be a simple camping-at-the-lake long weekend, and I had prepared a few “camping appropriate recipes,” but those got put on the back burner (maybe some other weekend!)

There was another vendor selling blended juices called the Kiki Bean, and I had this blend of black berries, acai juice and concentrated Saskatoon berries. It was delicious.

P1090451 P1090449

I was never a big camper beyond sleeping in a tent in the yard as a child, but the last few years have been filled with various outdoor adventures (My favourite was on Galliano Island). I brought my little blue 2-3 person tent, and J&M brought their giant tent palace, but we all ended up sitting in the palace and relaxing after dancing for hours and hours.

Home Sweet Home

I was blown away by the acoustic beat boxing from Shamik Dynamik and the diversity of Neighbour. Both of them just made my night. We caught some of a fire dancing troupe while they performed to the dubstep music of Andrei Heyoka, it was very beautiful. I’m always so impressed with the choreography and physical awareness that has to  take place in these performances. They make it look so easy, but it’s not.

Firedancers at Astral Harvest 2010

When we finally got back into the city our first stop was Remedy for some fresh and delicious cheesecake. He brought in two of my favourite flavours on Sunday: Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana, yummy as always.