Edmonton City Market

I had lofty goals to get out to the St.Albert Farmers Market this weekend, but decided that after a full 12 hour night shift, it was probably better to take it easy. So, a quick LRT ride and I was downtown bright and early, waiting for the bell to ring (which signifies the vendors can start selling). Considering the unpredictable weather, the turn out was decent right from the beginning, and as 9am rolled around the sun came out. Perfect!

This time I was looking for some truffle olive tapenade and LimeGreen’s macaroons, unfortunately, man with the truffles was nowhere to be found, and there weren’t any macaroons at LimeGreen’s. Maybe next week! I made the best of it. Gave me an excuse to try a bunch of other things.
As an aside, it looks like LimeGreen’s is doing an assorted nut milk/raw food delivery service, sounds like an interesting idea and I hope it does well! More information is at their website

za'atar flat bread from The Happy Camel

First stop was The Happy Camel, since I’ve been meaning to try some of their Za’tar flat bread for a while. It’s fluffy and delicious, and perfect with sliced fresh tomatoes. They have a nice red pepper hummus that’s vegan and also tasty. You can find them at most Farmer’s Markets in the city (and in St.Albert too) as well as their bakery/cafe in the Callingwood Shopping Center (6404-177 Street.) 

Gourmet Asparagus Relish

Next I stopped by the Innisfail Growers, and picked up some Gourmet Asparagus Relish. I wish there were samples to try before I bought it, but I’m looking forward to cracking it open with a few friends soon. Time for a summer bbq!

Fiesta Olives stuffed with garlic

I love the people at Fiesta Olives, I had wanted to try their stuff last time but they were so busy and now I know why. They are so enthusiastic about the creation of delicious and well spiced olives, and that makes a huge difference. One reason I love the farmers markets is occasionally people as so passionate about what they do. It’s a nice change from the supermarket. Talking to one of the owners made me love olives even more than I already did. It was hard to decide between the garlic stuffed black olives and the almond stuffed black olives, but I went with the garlic ones (when in doubt, the answer is garlic). Luckily, not only do they have samples, but they seem to genuinely want you to try everything.

Chocolate Mint Chaos Vegan Soap

I walked past Olga’s Nature’s Sense (the website is under construction) a couple of times yesterday, but right before I was leaving I had to see what was available. Not everything is vegan (there is honey and beeswax in some of the products) but most of the soaps were. The Chocolate Mint Chaos was my favourite of all the soaps, the rich smell of real cocoa and peppermint oil is heavenly. I think I might try the coffee soap next time. I loved the little gift tins of assorted soaps (I might hint at them for the next birthday/special occasion.)

I left gnawing on a cob of fresh roasted corn (husk and all) and may have won the award for weirdest person on the LRT at 10am from the way people were looking at me. I think they were all just jealous of my breakfast!