V’s Caribbean Vegan Vegetarian in Toronto, ON

Around a month ago JC and I visited V’s Caribbean Restaurant – Vegan Vegetarian a bit late this evening, just a bit before closing (they close at around 7pm) but they still had a bit of food left so they put together a container for us, and we were really happy about it. The food was delicious and hearty, with rich satisfying flavours.

V's Caribbean Vegetarian to go

This week, I went back again with a friend, and had a full and amazing plate of food – The Pong Special (named after one of their chefs) which is the perfect plate for indecisive or hungry people that want to try a little bit of everything V’s Caribbean has to offer (and I highly recommend it so you can find your own favourites!)

V's Vegetarian Pong Special.

Almost everyday – the folks at V’s post their menu for the day on Instagram – so if you follow them, suddenly when they open there is a series of posts of their various mouthwatering stews and other dishes.

Today they had:

  • Cauliflower & Lima bean stew
  • Curry TVP (textured veggie protein) chunks
  • Steamed/fried callaloo
  • Curried chickpeas & potatoes
  • Maple jerk tofu (which was straight up incredible)
  • Creamy fried Bammies (aka cassava) and steamed okra
  • Basmati rice & peas
  • Spiced baked mash potatoes (omg)
  • Mixed veggies  (onions, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, peas, carrots, more)
  • Desserts – like vegan donuts
  • Soups – porridge and pea soup

At the moment – they are cash only, but it sounds like they plan to have debit eventually. They’re currently open Tuesday thru Saturday, until 7pm (but they might extend it as the days get longer, so give them a call to double check if you’re curious.)

They’ve been open for a bit under 2 months, but it’s looking really good. It’s really nice to have some vegan-friendly Caribbean cuisine just straight north from where I live. There is street parking, and it is very transit accessible. (one easy one is to take the 89 from Keele subway station.)

Caribbean Restaurant Vs Vegan Vegetarian

V’s Caribbean Restaurant Vegan Vegetarian

1221 Weston Rd. Toronto, ON (map)
Website | InstagramFacebook
Phone: (416) 249-1221

Accessibility Note: There is a large step to get in. Once you’re in – there is a bunch of seating. Restrooms are in the basement.

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