Smash Juice Bar – Grand Opening – April 20th

JC and I decided to check out Smash Juice Bar for lunch on their grand opening today. Along with raw, gluten-free and mostly vegan (one item has honey in it) packaged foods (everything is well labelled), they’ve also got a nice variety of juices, kombucha, non-dairy milks, and cold press coffee.

Smash Juice Bar outside

It is a nice addition to the area that’s becoming increasingly vegan friendly (with spots like Kupfert & Kim, IQ Food Co, Superfood Eateries, etc) which I couldn’t have said with much enthusiasm a few years ago. Transit accessible, walkable, and it shares the space with the newest location of Rose City Kitchen (which is vegan friendly too – hello falafel) and Clockwork Coffee (which made me an excellent soy latte today.)

Juice at Smash Juice Bar small

JC and I shared the Mediterranean Wrap and the Zucchini Linguini, plus a couple of drinks, a Refreshing Smoothie for JC, and a Cherry Chia Kombucha for me.

Smash Juice Bar Toronto

I was pleasantly surprised by how light the Mediterranean wrap was, and the wrap balanced being strong enough to contain all the veggies and hummus, with being light enough to be easy to bite into.

Ingredients: Carrots, ground flax, tomatoes, hummus, cabbage, kale, sea salt, spices 

Smash Juice Bar Toronto

I liked the mediterranean wrap, but my favourite in terms of lively flavours was the zucchini linguini. It was well seasoned, the noodles were fresh and everything came together wonderfully. We’re generally not “raw food” folks, but you can almost never go wrong with zucchini noodles.

Ingredients: zucchini, tomatoes, hemp hearts, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, fresh herbs, sea salt, spices

Smash Juice Bar Toronto

Since they’ve just opened officially today, everything could change, but overall, we had a reasonably filling meal and a positive experience. One thing, at the moment they’re not recycling their glass juice bottles – but plan to in the future – though I’m kind of glad they didn’t take them back – since I’m probably going to start collecting them for storing spices (they’re really nice glass jars…)

Smash Juice Bar

36 Toronto St, Toronto, ON (Map)
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They take cash/credit/debit

Accessibility info: location involves a couple of steps, there is currently no seating, but there are a few standing tables shared with Rose City Kitchen and Clockwork Coffee, but who knows what the future holds.