Montréal 2016 – Café Dei Campi

One of my favourite surprise finds in Montreal was Café Dei Campi. It was one of those times instagram really paid off and connections were helpful. I posted a picture from Cafe Venosa (a vegan cat cafe) and a friend tagged one of their friends (@odilejp on IG who also happens to write a great vegan food blog in Montreal called La Végane D’à Côté.)

It was our last few hours in Montreal, and we really wanted to check this spot out, so a quick hotel check out, we jumped into a car2go, and drove out to Café Dei Campi. It’s in a totally unassuming location in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie neighbourhood, in an industrialish block. But there is was Café Dei Campi. We were enthusiastically early, and they weren’t open yet, but I paced back and forth until they did.

Cafe Dei Campi - Cornetto

The Vegan Word wasn’t around anywhere, but all of the homemade baked goods and treats are vegan. They had beautiful chocolate-filled cornettos, apple tarts, pizzettes on the way, and other things coming out warm and cozy (come early, enjoy warm baked goods – my favourite.)

You can choose between almond milk or soy milk for your coffee, and the latte we had was magical.

Cafe Dei Campi - Soy Latte

We’re going back to Montreal again soon and I’m very much looking forward to going back there again soon.

Café Dei Campi

1360 Boulevard Rosemont, Montréal, QC (map)
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